Organized Quarters and Acorns

Hello! I’m doing a little reorganizing and I hope this helps people navigate the site better ^_^

A Few Things to Consider While on This Blog:
There’s no hard rules with tarot and divination – my words aren’t gospel and my opinions shouldn’t be your end-all-be-all for anything you do for yourself in the future. Like anything else it takes time, practice, and HEAPS of experience.

I’m still learning, and this blog is, first and foremost, a way for me to learn more. I will *always* be learning, and if someone else learns from me while I’m learning then I did a good thing.

-:- In-depth looks into single cards or runes can be found here – where I’ve broken out each deck and rune style. (Currently working on Tarot RWS, and Elder Futhark Runes).

-:- Tarot Deck Reviews -(Coming soon!) These posts look at art, symbolism or lack there of, personal pieces if I’ve done draws with them, etc. All items included are only decks I own (I’m open to posting “Guest” reviews of decks as well.)

-:- Tarot Draws and Rune Castings – Card readings and rune castings I’ve done either for myself or others organized by type and number of cards/runes utilized.

General Getting Started Post can be found here. It is NOT a general Getting Started on Divination, it’s more of a walk through on how the site’s set up and what you can expect.

My advice for getting started with Tarot? Buy a deck, preferably your standard Rider-Waite Deck (Like this one) – it won’t be shiny, or the best art, or what have you, but it is a Marvelous place to start learning and I haven’t seen one yet that doesn’t come with at least some sort of starter booklet. So you don’t even have to buy anything else.

And don’t even start with the booklet. Just go through and look at each card. Take your time – yeah there’s 78 of them, but don’t rush.

~ Quin ❤

Want to dive into the site without a table of Contents to Guide you? Check out the Chaos and Mayhem page which is just posts in chronological order.