You Might Want to Start Here

Greetings and Salutations Internet Wanderer!

Welcome to my corner of the vast pixelated Universe that is The Internet™ !

You get a few warnings about me, my style, and what I’m doing, then we’ll dive into some more specific-to-this-blog details ^_^

  1. My humor is punny, geeky, and techno-sparkly. I sprinkle it just about everywhere and it is by no means meant to diminish or disrespect anything contained within (or outside of) this blog.
  2. Call me a snowflake if you want, but this is a safe internet area. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, etc. Will Not Be Tolerated. I’m not expecting to have any kind of massive following, but I’m making the rules clear regardless.
  3. I practice ADF Druidry Paganism. Check out for details on this particular brand of Indo-European Paganism, and feel free to poke me with questions ^_^
  4. This blog is NOT about ADF Druidry specifically, it’s about different forms of Divination, and Trance work. Regardless of your religion (Pagan, Christian, or otherwise) I hope you’re able to find things here that will help you.

I should probably have put this at the start, but if you don’t believe in Divination, if you believe your religion speaks against it, or if you think I’m some Lays with Demons Hell-Witch, well you took a wrong turn at Albequerque darlin’, this is not the Internet Space you’re looking for.


Now’s not a bad time to go Meet the Tools I’ll be using in my posts.

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