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Greetings and Salutations Internet Wanderer!

Welcome to my corner of the vast pixelated Universe that is The Internet™ !

You get a few warnings about me, my style, and what I’m doing, then we’ll dive into some more specific-to-this-blog details ^_^

  1. My humor is punny, geeky, and techno-sparkly. I sprinkle it just about everywhere and it is by no means meant to diminish or disrespect anything contained within (or outside of) this blog.
  2. Call me a snowflake if you want, but this is a safe internet area. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, etc. Will Not Be Tolerated. I’m not expecting to have any kind of massive following, but I’m making the rules clear regardless.
  3. I practice ADF Druidry Paganism. Check out for details on this particular brand of Indo-European Paganism, and feel free to poke me with questions ^_^
  4. This blog is NOT about ADF Druidry specifically, it’s about different forms of Divination, and Trance work. Regardless of your religion (Pagan, Christian, or otherwise) I hope you’re able to find things here that will help you.


Blog specific bits
Schedule of Posts Beginning 6/25/2018

Monday – Mystical Manga
Tuesday – Wild Wood
Wednesday – Shadowscapes
Thursday – Druid Craft
Friday – RWS
Saturday – Rune draw – either Ogham, Futhark, or Anglo
Sunday – Back to the Tarot journey as we focus on a single card.

Old Schedule below:
Schedule of Posts Beginning 4/1/2018

    1. Monday – Friday are SCD Posts. Single Card Draw posts where I’ll draw from 1, 2 or 3 of the tarot decks I currently own (will, time, and tug depending). Only one card will be drawn from any given deck (if I draw from more than one deck I will label them in the post otherwise it’ll be in the title) and my question to the deck will be included in the post. After 8pm Arizona time I’ll Edit the original post with additional thoughts on how that card(s) did or did not manifest throughout the day.
    2. Saturday – Ogham Draw – Ogham, so far in my study of them, don’t translate well to single-piece-draws. I feel like I lose a lot of the intent and detail, as such Ogham will always be drawn in a few deliberate ways, and provide a Full Read Breakdown.
    3. Sunday – Rune Draw – Be it Elder Futhark or Anglo-Saxon – or both, time and inclination willing – this will be the day for rune casting. Just like with the Ogham, these will mostly likely be in specific more-than-one-rune-at-a-time ways. I’ve done Single Draw Futhark before, and it suits well-enough, but I like really sinking my teeth into runes.
    4. Trance Posts – as of right now, Trance Posts will be When I Can. I’m juggling some other things and I really need to tack down when I can consistently devote time to Trance. Anyone following me on this will be following me through experimentation, learning, and probably at least a little bit of folly. I’ve touched on Trance prior to writing about it, but I am most decidedly a Beginner.

The Trance Posts aside, everything will have images to go with it. Even the SCD posts, since I (currently) have three decks, and a book to go with each.

I should probably have put this at the start, but if you don’t believe in Divination, if you believe your religion speaks against it, or if you think I’m some Lays with Demons Hell-Witch, well you took a wrong turn at Albequerque darlin’, this is not the Internet Space you’re looking for.


Now’s not a bad time to go Meet the Tools I’ll be using in my posts.

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