Meeting the Tools: Ogham

Before we begin on this challenge of daily posting, as I work towards both teaching and learning, I thought it best to introduce you – fair reader – to the tools I’m working with.

Second on my list are the Ogham – Celtic in nature, my beginner-ness is going to show, because I’m still learning each piece and don’t remember what their origin is.

A lot of the basics about the Ogham are similar to Elder Futhark, so I’m not going to repeat myself in this post. You can wander over to it yourself though, if you’re not reading these in order.

I recommend, if you don’t already own a set and are interested, trying out The Magical Druid. You can get a beginner set for relatively cheap AND support smaller business at the same time. You’re also welcome to try Etsy, but the Ogham are rare, and the only options you’re likely to find are custom ones.

You can also buy blanks from Etsy and scribe your own.

Here, however, are mine – the Beginner set available from the previously mentioned store.


I’ve also put them in “order” per Rev. Robert Lee “Skip” Ellison’s Ogham – The Secret Language of the Druids

I don’t currently have a whole lot else to go with these tools at this point, sadly. The beginner set feels awkward in my hands and kind of grainy – it pulls me out of my groove and I’ve been slowly working on smoothing them out as I can.

That said, it feels a bit like talking to actual trees. This isn’t like visiting your gods/ancestors/etc at their house, this is more like walking through a grove of trees with an alarmingly amount of variety. Which also lends itself to why these look (mostly) all the same to me – Trees look (mostly) all the same to me. I can spot some basic general varieties, but I’m not going to be able to tell you the finer points between a Maple from Alberta and one from Ohio. (Hehe, “points” maple leaves xD I’m awful.)

The Ogham feels more like Communing than Communicating, and I personal have a hard time with wide open spaces, which might slow down my connecting and understanding of this type of divination. Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the Tools: Ogham

    1. The more I look into these, the more I’m looking forward to doing a reading with them and really getting into the meat of things. Not this weekend, but hopefully next week/weekend I’ll be able to start with these.

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