Meeting the Tools: Shadowscapes Tarot

Where to begin? With the Shadowscapes Tarot everything feels larger than life. From the galaxy-esque backside of the cards, to the silver trim, to the structured lilt of the brush that seeped life into each image.

2018-03-11 07.30.44

Shadowscapes is all the Fae Courts. Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. There needs be balance after all. Shadowscapes is also the magic of the mundane – the spellbinding manner of a well-crafted spider web, the spells of animals who vanish soundlessly into the brush. It is the between – the dragons and kirins, the unicorns and phoenixes.

Shadowscapes is the walk into the vast never ending of the Universe. At least for me. While RWS vaults me into the Everything, it does so within a room, a structure for guidance and protection. RWS is the teddy bear that holds back the beasts, and checks the room for traps before I enter. Wild Wood is the stick-wielding teacher – I do not travel un-aided, but if I trip over the root that was pointed out I’ll not get more than a disproving look and maybe a whack on the hand.

Shadowscapes is the bird-mother – kicking me out into the Everything with a declaration of “Fly, bitch!”. It’s sink or swim, do or die. Shadowscapes is more like to laugh at me if I do something wrong than it is to protect me or give me a disproving glare. It expects me to Know, to a certain extent.

The upside to this is that once you get your feet under you, Shadowscapes is your equal, your companion. Someone who you can walk beside and be the better for it. I doubt my RWS deck will ever quite lose that Protector feel, and Wild Wood may always feel as though she has something to teach me.

And to be fair, I will never stop being in a position where I have something to learn.

Shadowscapes is the deck that I have that doesn’t seem to like single card draws. It pouts. You can practically hear the “humph” in the air. It wants to talk, gossip, inform, jest. It doesn’t want to share a single turn of phrase or concept, it wants to tell a story. An epic one at the Very Least and how dare I come to it with a request any less than that.

As such you’re not going to see this deck in Single Card Draw posts on it’s own. Or if it is the only deck for that day it’ll be a 3-card spread because it’s pushy as hell and I don’t like to argue.

~ Quin

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