My First Ogham

If there's any form of divination that I'm still exceptionally new to, it's the Ogham. The Anglo-Saxon runes follow close behind, but there's a strong connection between them and Elder Futhark where I started. So it doesn't feel as distant. The Ogham draw me in, however quietly. Like the whispers of trees in an "empty" … Continue reading My First Ogham


New to the site? Start Here. (For those bad with play on word puns, look at today's title as Assuredly.) A good friend of mine did a tarot spread for me last night, and that knowledge is probably coloring my view of today's cards - which is fine. Just a fair warning if I seem … Continue reading As(sword)edly.

Getting to the Point

New to the site? Start Here. The adventure I went on yesterday wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a lot of fun either. Mostly because it was an adventure into the cave of a very angry nasty dragon who did nothing but half ignore my very presence there. Alas I think despite my best efforts I'm … Continue reading Getting to the Point

And ah One, Two, Three!

New to the site? Start Here. After a full week of being sick, this morning I finally feel like I'm an acceptable ratio of snot to flesh \o/ The scratchy cough and subsequent exhaustion from coughing are still hanging about, but I fortunately work with - and in - a position that's allowing me to … Continue reading And ah One, Two, Three!

And Ah-Two

New to the site? Start Here. Having drawn from one deck yesterday today I decided to two draw from two. Well, I decided to do so, undecided to do it, decided to do it again, etc. I went back and forth a couple times. My initial draw was actually two cards from the Wild Wood … Continue reading And Ah-Two


New to the site? Start Here. I've been sick since Wednesday, falling steadily into a pretty kicked-my-butt sinus infection that dropped right into my lungs and has me coughing myself to exhaustion. I'm feeling better today, so I have the energy to ease back into my morning routine. Just one card for today - especially … Continue reading And-ah-One