A Toast to Start Things Off

I said I’d start 4/1 and I wasn’t fooling. =D

So let’s dive right in. I did something a little off my usual beaten path for today – to be perfectly honest yesterday was a rough day for me and while I’m doing decidedly better today, getting moving this morning wasn’t the easiest. So I did a little bit of compromising and instead of doing a full morning ritual and drawing runes, I did a little trance and went with the flow.

This first draw is less about how things will go for me today, and more about what kind of overall blessing the blog itself has. I’ve never shied away from mixing magic and technology – but my apologies to those of you who get a little uncomfortable by the fusion. Think of it as more a “How will this endeavor go” if it helps makes the appropriate separation between the two aspects for you. ^_^

The Spread:

2018-04-01 06.35.37

In all honesty I wasn’t sure what to do with this after I was done drawing it. My brain was practically short circuiting on how to read it. I did some mindless image searching, wondering if someone had already established meanings for the positions and if those would feel right for me. None of them did. The spreads were there, don’t misunderstand, but it wasn’t working. There was no “click”.

Then I saw something that likened the inverted pyramid to a cup, and my mind almost blew a circuit with the amount of ideas and concepts that assailed me.

All I could think after the storm passed was about sharing a drink with My People™. This was a cup of togetherness, this was an oath, a bond, a statement of a journey that would not be taken alone. In this spread the lone rune at the bottom was the foundation – it doesn’t require the strength of a 3-piece base, it’s in a Cup. This is where the hands of the people sharing this drink end up. This is how it’s passed from one person to the next. This might be the last bits that don’t get consumed, but that stay as a reminder of the oath made.

The top row is the shared bits. The parts that everyone gets a piece of. You can’t avoid being tied by this, it’s how a cup functions! And – sorry my germophobic friends – this is where a small part of the people partaking in this oath binding drink leave a part of themselves. Good or bad, this is going to effect everyone involved.

The middle two connect everything, reinforce the ideals held within those involved, or help clarify the connection from base to brim.

And all that, from a flash of insight about it being a cup. This is the gut feeling part, this is the having faith in your ability and being able to set your foot down without fear. It feels right – and I almost scrapped the read because it was frustrating that it didn’t click immediately. Patience is a virtue (so’s knowing when to do a do-over as well. In the end it’s all about following your gut/heart/feelings/etc.)

Word for Word (Top to bottom, left to right):
Othala – This is home. Not so much your current brick and mortar home, but your Ancestral home. This is the land you came from. This is your legacy. It may not ever manifest as a literal physical place, but this is in your Soul. Your family has your back. This is about being stable and finding Affinity, and Establishing relationships.

Thurisaz – Thor’s rune, Thor’s day (Thursday!). This rune is the god of thunder himself – Luck and protection be at your side, knowing when to barrel in hammer swinging, or knowing when to step back and be done. Thor is a magnificent warrior, but he’s never blood thirsty or reckless. He doesn’t kill all the giants, he kills enough to protect humankind from them. There’s honor here, even if it often feels raw and young. I like this rune because it feels like there’s a warm hand on my shoulder egging me on along with the promise of staying by my side.

Sowilo – This is the beacon. The guiding light sinking into the horizon to be endlessly sought. This isn’t a frustrating journey – it’s an understanding that the way may be rocky, but there’s guidance and success on the horizon. Enlightenment shines just on the other side of that ridge – and if you’re lucky there will be dozens of ridges to crest before the journey’s end. This isn’t about reaching some goal, this is about the growth, knowledge, and experience of Living. Capital L.

Ehwaz – Horses! \o/ Energy and connection – the link between man and gods – The connection rune in a connection position is certainly a good sign! This strengthens the two “parts” of the drink and makes the bond all that much stronger.

Elhaz – The horns of the elk – offense and defense depending on what side you’re on. There’s a lot of positional emphasis on this rune: It’s either a WARNING or warning or protection (I mean, yes, more detailed than that, but I digress). I don’t want to get distracted by all the possibilities, but in this particular reading I think it’s a reinforcement of the protection part. It’s also possible it’s a “Small sacrifice for a greater outcome” sort of deal as well.

Dagaz – The Sun! The breaking dawn after a long night, the song of spring after the silence of winter, the light of a new day \o/ Positive beginnings and warmth. This is the moment that the horror movie survivors know they’ll be okay. The sun warms them, the light spilling over the land chases away the darkness and the terrible ordeals before it. It’s Gandalf on the ridge at the battle of – Well, it’s not required that you went through an ordeal prior to this, but that’s how positively uplifting the run is.

I Sentence You:
(Warning: I went Top down with Word for Word, but to me this reads better bottom up.)
Dagaz – Warm hands, warm sun. This might be a new oath on a new day (new month, new week… well, Sunday the 1st – I guess it depends on when your “week” starts xD ) with new people, but there’s already comfort and warmth. Trust, loyalty and camaraderie.

Ehwaz, Elhaz – Backs to one another, pikes out. Each warrior trusts the one beside them. There might not even be anything physical in the middle of this protected circle aside from the connection and shared trust of the group as a whole. This is the connection of people who could go years without seeing one another and fall into rapport within seconds. This is varying ideals still being able to connect and support one another.

Othala, Thurisaz, Sowilo – The journey to find your Home. Or the defense of a home already found. Either way you have friends with you – there’s pints of mead all around. The hand on your shoulder urges you to start a food fight with the same focus and attention to detail as you spent on your thesis paper or whatever project landed you that promotion. Either way you want to take at least a little care you don’t wake up to continue your journey the next day with a hangover.

Drink deep and be merry! Positive beginnings are the best, but they do not preclude you from rocky days. This journey will have plenty of peaks to crest, and plenty of struggles to reach those peaks. It’ll be a journey that forges friendships and strengthens bonds. I hope you’ll be a part of that, for as long as my feet can carry me (and mayhap you’ll take up the journey when my feet find home. ❤ ).


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