Positively Monday

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No one really likes Mondays – well, unless your work schedule doesn’t have you working today, then you’re probably not too concerned one way or the other. It’s a bit of a shame though – Mondays are about renewal. A new week of work, a new week of school, a new week of life – Schedules, projects, class work; it doesn’t matter what you’re doing lots of things in life are measured in weeks.

Though I still stand by the feeling that Monday is more like the Death’s card version of renewal than any other card. It sucks. It’ll get better, but Mondays suck. I’m wholly expecting MY Monday to suck – my job underwent a big change over the weekend and I’m braced for everything to be going sideways this morning.

But, let’s get into the draw and I’ll be back tonight to relate how it fit (or didn’t) with today. (To be fair the edit might not happen until tomorrow if today is as long as I expect).

Relaxing music, shuffle until it feels right, flip over the top card. All the while I’m focusing on just wanting to know whatever it is the cards have for me.

(As I draw I look things up in the books I have and trust. The start of everything is to get those initial impressions down)

Hitting the Books:
RWS (left) – 10 of pentacles: Abundance of wealth – though not necessarily money. Whether emotional or spiritual, you have it in abundance and are willing to share.

Wild Wood (middle) – Page of Vessels: As a dreamer and a visionary you weave a spell that few can resist. Your loyalty, devotion and sense of fair play mark you as an individual whose will is tempered by a profound understanding of the Otherworld.

Shadowscapes (right) – The Sun: Enlightenment, understanding, glory, achieving prominence. The Sun is about a new day, renewals, new life – a strong symbol of growth and promise.

(Next is my feeling based on the card, the day, my head-space, etc.)

Gut Check:
RWS – Given my concerns for the day this feels like a great card to get. Not only will I have the capacity to deal with today, I’ll also have the excess spoons to help other people through the day as well. (If you’re not familiar with Spoon Theory go here. )

Wild Wood – Another point the WW book brings up is the flexibility of Otters to thrive on land OR water. I might not be Matrix levels of bendy, in body, will OR mind, but today I shouldn’t pull anything getting it all done.

Shadowscapes – Positivity in abundance! \o/ I love the Sun card in all divination glory ^_^ It really does feel like that “I survived” sigh of relief and the understanding that while there’s still work to be done, you’re not fighting for your life.

(After that, is there an overall shared vibe between the three separate draws? A story being told? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

Ménage à Maybe:
Here I am loathing the pickles out of Mondays, and the cards are all like “Woo! Yay Monday! \o/ You got this!” I’ve got the extra spoons to share, the flexibility to face the day, and the positive energy just Dripping off my Smile.

I’ve also got the age and experience to not let it all go to my head either. Sitting back and resting on my heels just because the cards say the day’ll be easy isn’t going to actually make it easy. It’s an important part of divination – you’re seeing possibilities. You’re getting the message you need at the precise moment of the draw – BUT HOW THINGS GO IS STILL ON YOU. The cards can’t make you heed them, they can’t work for you, they can only communicate. Chances are your folks (or some appropriately parent-like-figure) gave you advice as you were growing up that you scoffed at – only for it later to have importance/value to you.

Y’all Come Back Now:
I made it through the day \o/ It wasn’t bad – but I’ve got to admit that I nearly had a scuffle with someone on the phone. Which, to be honest, is an abundance of spoons for me – I don’t normally have the capacity to get worked up, let alone angry over something on a given day. It’s too much energy and I can’t spare the spoons.

But the switch flipped to Mom Mode (I’m not a literal mother), and I was practically yelling in defense of a coworker. Pro Tip: Don’t lose your cool at work.

That said, none of the stuff I was worried about became a fiery issue at work. I was able to deal with it, and on top of that there’s some stuff set up for the week to mitigate it even more. Overall a win – but lesson learned “In abundance” isn’t alway a positive, even right side up XD

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