Tuesday Troubles

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Normally I’ll have a little more meat here, but I’m running behind and I’m cranky. So it’s a bit bare bones, but it seems like even the cards knew I needed some extra motivation this morning XD

Hitting the Books:
RWS (left) – Queen of Swords: She’s literally a get to the point and do what you know you have to kind of card. Can be intimidating, sharp tongued and having none of your excuses, but once she’s on your side, you’re golden.

Wild Wood (middle) – King of Vessels : The profound depths of your character, once stirred to action, carry all before it.

Shadowscapes (right) – King of Pentacles : Not only is this abundance and wealth, but stability and the capacity to share without concern of the well running dry.

Gut Check:
RWS: I’m having a rough morning. Like a call in sick except too many people are on vacation for me to do that kind of rough morning. This card feels like it’s behind me, swift kick to the ass at the ready

Wild Wood: See above, only less swift kick to the ass at the ready and more like a gentle reminder that days like these happen and I’ve conquered them before – I can do it again.

Shadowscapes: Right now this feels like the Mom Card (instead of the Mom Friend). He’s here with caffeine and muffins. Here’s some pick me ups, here’s a hug, and look your favorite lunch!

Ménage à Maybe:
More often than not – long before I started blogging about it, the single card draws I did in the morning really felt like they were working together. The messages are similar and I can’t think of a day that they weren’t.

Now, to be fair, it can all be easily skewed by perspective. But I’ve never drawn a card in the morning and felt it didn’t related to the others. These are My People™, they’re my cheerleaders, my friends, and sometimes they’re the stern grizzled teacher.

All thoughts of giving in to the weight of the day (and one REALLY screaming shoulder cause I slept so hard apparently), and staying indoors are forgotten. I am running behind, so it’s time to get the butt in gear and get moving.

Y’all Come Back Now:
I think it took an army of tiny motivated spirits to keep me running today. I’m still sore, but it’s not as bad – I wasn’t overflowing with emotion like yesterday, and things were mostly good. I marched on and came out alright in the end. I actually managed to be productive with both work AND my hobbies, so win-win.

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