404 – 3 Card Spread

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Happy camel day! \o/ Hail and good morning ❤ (I didn’t oversleep again so I’m doing well ^_^ ) Well – no need to beat about the proverbial bush today, let’s dive in!

Hitting the Books:
RWS (left) – The High Priestess : Emotion, intuition, magic. The High Priestess demands you know thyself. Look harder, dig deeper, study more – and do things properly (Or she might legit slap the pickles out of you.)

Wild Wood (middle) – King of Bows : Maturity, strength of resolve, energy and wisdom. The individuality of the seeker is rewarded at every turn – your path direct, your goals realized.

Shadowscapes (right) – The Eight of Cups : For Shadowscapes, this card is introspection. It’s literally diving into the depths of your emotions and inner self and sorting out what’s up. Safely diving, mind you, as the creature in the card is a mermaid and well equipped to be submerged in so much water.

Gut Check:
RWS: In traditional RWS decks the High Priestess looks head on. Surrounded by moons (intuition) and water (emotion) with a veil between her and the water. She’s the keeper, she’s bouncer – she’s saturated in these aspects but in complete control. The Manga version is similar, even if the symbolism isn’t all there. She herself is the veil, she looks marginally miffed you’ve interrupted her own introspections, but she’s not turning you away. There’s a proper way to go about this and she’ll hear you out.

Wild Wood: “Your path direct” and an image of a writhing twisted mass of snakes were at odds in my head for a while. Until I realized that while the path may have many twists and turns it is still direct. There’s no forks in the road, no dead ends. The challenge lies in cresting the next hill, and safely descending the narrow mountain path – The resolve and wisdom of this card help you do just that.

Shadowscapes: My first thought upon drawing this card was something akin to “Oh, a mini High Priestess card!” because of all the water and the connection between mermaids and water. This is someone at peace – there is still corners to search and things to consider, but this is her world. Maybe she even swims in the vast waters that belong to the High Priestess.

Ménage à Maybe:
The High Priestess has pulled back the veil and offers for you to go on your own journey. She provides a stable young mermaid as your guide, who sits with lamp in hand and a smile on her face. The path is set – the walk was long – but here you are. As you knew you would be.

I’ve been reflecting on the meanings/story of these cards and not how they relate to me so far. I have a feeling I will be living within my head for the majority of the day, but instead of being withdrawn and cut off, it’ll be a positive experience. As a naturally introverted person it’s sometimes hard to draw that line, but the path is set – I can see the safety line these cards are offering to steady my steps.

I’ll admit, I find it amusing that I’m getting this on 4/04 – as though the Universe is telling me it’s okay to turn inward from time to time and be Not Found for a little bit ^_^

Y’all Come Back Now:
It was pretty nice kind of pulling everything in and just relaxing. I even did some introspection though I can’t say it was the kind I had been envisioning this morning.

Still, all in all, it was a solidly good day – and pretty relaxing for Wednesday at that ^_^


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