Pre-Friday Spring Cleaning

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2018-04-05 06.05.05

Hitting the Books:
RWS (left) –  The Hermit: The search for answers, the be still and let me think card. It’s less about being alone and abandoned and more about needing to be alone and figure something out. This strikes me as less emotional figuring out and more as logical figuring out.

Wild Wood (middle) – Seven of Bows: Cleaning house – time to make decisions and choose priorities – Focus on what you Really need in life and cut away the broken damaged bits that aren’t doing you any good (Even the undamaged bits that aren’t doing you any good).

Shadowscapes (right) – Four of Cups: Introspection to a bit of an extreme. So focused on certain things that others are completely ignored. A warning not to recede into yourself too far lest you completely shut out the outside world

Gut Check:
RWS: I hermit very well. Very. Well. So when I get a card like this I usually take it as more a sign I need to make sure I don’t Hermit too much. That said, with the other cards for today I’m also taking it as a sign to hermit a little bit more than I had been. Which, today’s the day to do so – I’m working from home vs going into the office, so I can expand my personal bubble and still have the peace of Alone.

Wild Wood: Tis the season for a little spring cleaning – but the timing of this card makes me a bit sad. I’d just picked up some extra projects a couple weeks ago and I thought I was balancing them fairly well. I think I’ll want to take a look again and make sure that there isn’t a thing or two that can’t be temporarily shelved.

Shadowscapes: RWS is telling me to do some introspection and thinking – peaceful, quiet thinking. Wild Wood is telling me some spring cleaning is in order. Shadowscapes is tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me not to get Too caught up in the advice of the other cards. I can almost hear it “It’s good advice, just don’t get swept away by it and lose yourself.”

Ménage à Maybe:
Think. Organize. Talk to people.

For me this is pretty good overall Life advice. I like to hermit, I love my solitude. I’m the quintessential introvert. Full stop. And while I’m not the cleanest person to come down the path, I’m not living in filth. Clutter maybe. Oh… yeah. That’s definitely the kind of spring cleaning I need to get done =D This is probably a lot less to do with emotional and a lot more to do with Material. Games are left out, crafts aren’t organized – my dining room table isn’t fit for dining. Okay! I can’t do all of this today, but it’s a good thing to start thinking about and planning what stays and what goes.

Without getting so into it I forget about the things I have to do for day to day living. Ah, I see now. -^_^-

Y’all Come Back Now:
Holy cow did I manage to get a ton of stuff cleaned up O_O There’s still quite a bit left to do, but I was oddly motivated today.

Full disclosure, I should look at both things seriously – both my project load AND my physical organization. I’d say I need to create a schedule, but I’m awful at sticking to schedules – it Always ends in disaster.


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