Serendipitous Friday – 3 card spread

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2018-04-06 05.37.24

Hitting the Books:
RWS (left) – Six of Pentacles : Generosity – both spiritual and financial. To give without judgement, to accept without guilt. That if you have the means to provide, then provide.

Wild Wood (middle) – Three of Bows : Nourishment from a spiritual source gives inner security and joy.

Shadowscapes (right) – Eight of wands: The beginning of a long journey towards a goal. A great undertaking is at hand, and it speed towards reward with hope and momentum.

Gut Check:
RWS: I think the best part about this card – maybe a part some people over look – is that the giver isn’t giving more than they can. The line to walk with this sort of thing is not only helping other people but making sure there’s food on your table as well. It reminds me of the Elder Futhark rune Gebo – Gift – to give what you can, without harm to yourself. While Gebo leans on give and receive, the Six of Pentacles is that moment of understanding that you have plenty to give, so we’re not really worried about receiving so much as avoiding over giving.

Wild Wood: A guide at a split in the road. High or low doesn’t matter, what matters is both the journey and having the strength to continue it. This archer welcomes you peacefully and offers some of their strength to you as you carry on. The advice of a priest, the energy from a meal and a drink, the ability to relax because you’re safe – no matter how draining and perilous the journey.

Shadowscapes: There’s a bit of a theme this morning and I feel like I’m getting beat about the head and shoulders with it. I can’t separate this card from the others no matter how long I sit here and consider it. It’s the breath of the gods urging you down the path. This is the repeated statement from the Dwarves – look Bilbo – you’re going on this adventure. We know it, the wizard knows it, you need to know it.

Ménage à Maybe:
The six of pentacles is the assurance that not only do you have what you need, you have more than that. Maybe just emotionally, maybe just spiritually, maybe just monetarily – maybe some combination therein. The point is, while it may not always be easy (no matter how much we try to balance things, the water can slosh too far one way), you’ll be okay. You’ll start down this path and own it.

And you won’t be alone – whether you travel with trusted companions or not – there will be places along the way to replenish that which is spent while traveling. The gods will it, and so you may even find your steps light, and your heart and stomach comfortably full.

For me personally, it feels like a reminder that I’m in a good place – regardless of how it may or may not feel – and stop doubting the journey itself and my ability to face it. Everything’s in order, the foundation is solid, you’ll have help along the way. Now – *godly boot to the ass* – Get. Going!

Y’all Come Back Now:
Man, Friday simply kicked my teeth in. It was a “I’ll have a double” after work kind of day. Just one too many things going wonky at work – and I ended up volunteering for the weekend shift so I could keep monitoring them.

Which I did because I do feel like I have the capacity to deal with the extra weight, but I didn’t expect the adventure to barrel down on me so ferociously xD Alas.

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