Mind the Gap

Yesterday was exhausting – today’s been a struggle. I’ve work the work laptop going, and a long list of chores I should – as an adult – complete today as well. I already feel a bit weighed down but putting one foot in front of the other is the only way we get through some days. It seems like a lousy way to go about facing it, but honestly tomorrow will be better.

The Spread:


When it comes to run spreads initial feelings are always kind of vague. I don’t know the runes by heart as yet, and I lean heavily on intuition for how I even draw them in the first place. I didn’t have the energy to full ritual this morning, but I didn’t want to just NOT draw the runes either.

I lost myself in some wordless music and went with the flow I could follow. Something simple – not only in layout, but for readability too. A good stories have a beginning, middle, and end – which is why I do like the 3-item-spread. Be it tarot cards or runes.

Word for Word :
Aesc (left) – Ash – Stability, reliability, Defense, stubbornness, strength against odds – another strong tree, durable and good for weapon making. The best defense often times is a good offense.

Rad (middle)- A Journey –  Movement from place to place. Rad is the journey, and there’s no promise of it being easy or difficult.

Nyd (right)- Need – Hardship, Loss, Difficulty, Strife, Struggle, etc. – Nyd is the alarm bells in the morning. It’s the pulse of the lighthouse in the not-a-lot-of-distance. It’s the “For whatever reasons you didn’t see this coming already so we’re going to brain you with the alarm bell and hope you pay attention” rune.

I Sentence You:
Aesc is good way to start this off, especially with the neutrality of Rad and the often dark portent of Nyd following close behind. Aesc – the sturdy Ash, stubborn and reliable – is the base we all want to have. The foot steps along this path are sure and strong – even if we waver, we possess the capacity to get back up again.

We all start somewhere, be it the quiet of the Shire or the slog of District 12, but Rad compels the journey – be it for glory or gory – be it a simple walk to the market, or a long arduous journey to locales unknown. And not necessarily physical – not all journeys require physical movement. For this draw this journey feels more internal – more in regards to resolve and emotions than a physical one.

Nyd needles me. I really dislike this rune. I appreciate it showing up when it needs to, but there’s a layer of burden and disheartening gloom I can’t shake with this rune. A three-rune-spread isn’t enough to dissuade it’s dark portents (unlike the first time we came across it Here). Unlike then there’s not much off-setting it – and worse (or better?) it looms at the end of the story!

I have to laugh, my initial thought is that it reads like a micro story:
“Our plucky determined hero sets off from their happy village on a journey of discovery and friendship, only to have their naive teeth kicked in.”

Which, without the forewarning is a very possibility. Positivity is positively a positive trait to posit. >.>

Pardon me.

That said, you can happily walk yourself off a cliff or into a wall if you’re not careful. While The Fool from tarot-fame has a knack for shaking off such ill luck and maintaining his smile, Nyd makes no such promises. Don’t let the spikes and traps of Nyd stop you from adventuring, my plucky little hero, but be sure to pack rope, a towel, and maybe 42 odds and ends that could be useful.

In closing – the foundations are well-laid. The journey beckons out to you. Mind the gap, and you’ll survive. You may not “be fine” afterward, you may be very different – to journey is to experience, and experience changes us. Oft, we hope, for the better.


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