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I did a little different today, I did an actual 3 card spread from a single deck, vs drawing a single card from each deck. With that in mind, I want to give a fore-warning that the cards drawn – and the art depicted on them – aren’t safe for work. That being the case the image of the spread’ll be down at the bottom of the post. ^_^

[Left to right: Two of Cups, The Devil, Six of cups.]

Hitting the Books:
RWS (left) – Two of Cups: Partnership. I got your back, you got mine. There’s no imbalance here. This is a Great Card for people in relationships. This is the ideological way for a good relationship to be – both are committed equally.

(middle) – The Devil: Pardon me while I laugh even as I type this, but the Devil gets a bad rap. This card isn’t about the Christian concept of the devil – this isn’t sin, hell and damnation. This is about the chains that bind us, and the fact that we tend to let them. There is no hell like the one we fashion for ourselves. This is Thy Own Worst Enemy kind of stuff. Like, look at the dude (careful now! nekkid people are in that card) holding the chain. He doesn’t even have a grip. He’s barely even putting his weight on the people below him, both hooves still on the ground. If they stood up they’d shake him off.

(right) – Six of Cups: Unabashed joy, belief in magic, nostalgia. This is drinking from the garden hose, leaving out cookies and milk even if you know it’s your parent/partner/friend in the Santa suit. This is holding onto that kind of magic that makes the dark corners of life more bearable. It is NOT doing so to the point of detriment to your health and such.

Gut Check:
Before looking these up and being able to apply any book-referenced meaning to them I was struck rather profoundly with a sense of seeing someone’s life being played out. As you’ll see in the comments, each card depicts a couple.

It felt, and after having looked up all the meanings and laid them out, still feels like watching someone’s life play out. Since the draw is for me – selfishly I try not to keep others in mind (It feel weird to draw on someone else’s behalf without asking first) – I should assume this story plays out for me.

Ménage à Maybe:
Not much maybe about it when you pull three cards from the same deck. Still…

I don’t talk about myself well, so the words are a bit hard to type, but I can see my fiance and I in the first card. We had some tough times, things aren’t perfect – nothing is – but we really are the two of cups. There’s communication, there’s balance, there’s give and take – we hold each other up as we walk this road, and I’m profoundly happy that they’re a part of my life.

The Devil impacts us both though – doubt in abilities, doubt in the world – doubt that we can do anything about it more specifically, doubt in having the ability to move forward how we want. We struggle to exercise, but lament our physical status – the shame of being out of shape weighs you down and keeps you from going to the gym. The feeling of not being worth the effort is a struggle with both have. They’re chains we can slip, and the weight lessens with each successful trip to the gym.

But if the two of cups are the past, The Devil the present, then the six of cups is the future. A future full of magic and nerf gun fights? Yes please.

Y’all Come Back Now:
While the rather spot on of this draw has me unsettled – all day long I must admit – it did help shed some light on the fact that the Mystical Manga tarot is not a RWS clone, so much as it’s a RWS variant. A good friend of mine helped point it out – there’s a lot of similarities, but I’d be doing myself and any new readers a bit of a disservice trying to shoe horn the deck into something it isn’t.

It speaks to me and calls to me and it’ll very likely be my oft go-to deck for posts, but! after today it’ll be categorized as it’s own deck, and I’ll use my actual RWS deck to RWS draws ^_^ (I’m currently working through a card-a-night journaling process with it though, so it’ll be a while before it pops up here.)


2018-04-09 06.33.34

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