Don’t Bow Under Pressure

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Today, for me, is one of those days where even before it properly begins you already know it’s going to be A Day™ – And that’s fine. They happen, sometimes in quick succession of one another, sometimes spread out sparsely for that given year.

I decided since I did three Manga cards yesterday today I’ll do 3 Wild Wood. ^_^

2018-04-10 05.12.55

Hitting the Books:
(left) – Ten of Bows: The challenge of dealing with responsibility brings a need for inner fortitude, stamina and determination. The weight and burden may be heavy and cumbersome, but the task that has been handed to you may be vital.

(middle) – Five of Arrows: Unfocused energy or anger that leads to the archer releasing inaccurate arrows or lashing out in an uncontrolled manner and missing the target.

(right) – Seven of Bows: A time to make decisions and choose priorities. Focus on what you really need in life and dispose of and cut away – especially if it is worn out and broken or no longer meets your needs on the journey.

Gut Check:
While the MM spread yesterday had the feel of my Personal Life slathered all over it, today’s draw feels fully Professional. This is about my job – not my hobbies, not personal work, not creative work – this is the 9 to 5 in the office at the desk job.

The Ten of Bows is a card that I can almost feel the Gibbs’ Smack™ from (NCIS, the show, you really only need to see one episode to understand). It’s not disrespectful, but it’s not wasting time trying to coddle me either. This is your responsibility, it states, so Handle It.

While it’s not concerned about how I get the job done – so long as it is completed and CORRECT – the next card warns against getting frustrated… or, well, in this case I think it’s more about Don’t Be Hasty. Don’t be in such an aggravated rush to complete the Thing that you actually waste time (a resource in and of itself). Take the extra breath, spend a second grounding yourself, be steady before you dive into the task at hand.

Finally – don’t worry about that old project, don’t think about that past mistake. These things aren’t doing you any good. They’re creating clutter. They’re of no use to you now, they’re not going to magically repair themselves, sweep ’em off the desk and MOVE ON!

And oh hey look! – now you have ample desk space for the new projects \o/

Ménage à Maybe:
Yesterday’s spread told a Past, Present, Future kind of story. Today’s spread is more of a Now Now Now kind of story. The work shift for today is, admittedly, looming over my head.

I take pride in my work – in being a good worker, and in doing good quality work – but anxiety and brain weasels will throw me off my groove, sometimes before I’ve even gotten started. Yesterday was a struggle at work, and a bit of a panic. I was having a Terrible time staying focused on the mountain of meetings I had to attend (I really hate meetings). The boss was MIA, people were wanting answers to questions I didn’t realize where directed at me. It wasn’t a disaster, but I was off balance All Day.

Today’s draw boils down to do “Yes, you have some heavy responsibilities – but you’re also fully capable of handling them. Don’t let the frustrations of Yesterday (or any irrelevant day/event) stop you from being the efficient and effective person you are. Shove that clutter off the desk, and focus on the tasks at hand – you’ll be fine.”

You’ll be fine in less of a 100% guaranteed You Got This sort of way and more of a “Hey look, you really DO know what you’re doing, You. Will. Be. Fine.”

Y’all Come Back Now:
Ah, so… Life kind of walked along and gave me a bit of crappy news today. Worries, sadness and distraction certainly kicked my ass. Work is, however, still going steady, so there’s that. I just don’t have the energy to get into details tonight for this post.

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