Slump Day?

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I woke up well rested today, usually I’m hitting the snooze a couple of times and tempting the fates at ending up waking up late. And then being in a foul mood because I like having some time to myself in the morning. I mean, I also like sleeping, but alas.

Despite feeling well rested I’m kind of in a mind-fog, so I was pretty blank when I did this morning’s draw – let’s see where it takes us ^_^

2018-04-11 04.53.06

Hitting the Books:
(left) – The Sun: Enlightenment and understanding, glory, achieving prominence. The constant renewal of life, vitality, filled with radiant joy and energy, invigoration and good health.

(middle) – Page of Cups: Sentimental. A true romantic at heart, and in a world that is filled with so much noise and bustle, there is a longing for the time and space to simply breathe and to truly take in the pleasures that abound.

(right) – Knight of Swords: The knight of swords is the brave hero who rushes headlong into conflict to defend his beliefs. He doesn’t let emotion come between him and his purpose. He is blunt and directly to the point – this can be seen as refreshing honesty and true loyalty.

Gut Check:
Just looking at these cards I’m struck by the layout itself. The sun looks left, the knight looks right, the page sits between the two losing herself in the warmth and security rising up from her cup.

A little like she’s being guarded.

Also her and the knight are both looking right – I can’t shake the feeling that I am the Page of Cups, and my fiance is the Knight of Swords. While far from emotionless, he is sharp minded, quick witted, straightforward in words and action. There’s nothing wasted on words and motions not needed. I’ve always admired this about him – you don’t have to wonder where his mind, loyalty, or heart are – He Will Tell You.

As for me, I certainly am a dreamer. My mind wanders the wide wonders of the Universe and then some. I love getting lost in stories, wrapping myself up in quiet, and dancing slowly through the stars.

Ménage à Maybe:
I can’t say things have been bad in the Quix household, but there’s been a dark fog in the air the last few days. Stress from work, bad personal news, depression, anxiety – everything seems to be set just a notch higher than normal. And all of it in such a way that there isn’t much of a way to talk about it either – it’s a bunch of small innocuous pieces of hay that just kind of built up.

But this reading leaves me feeling better. A little less weighed down, a little less stressed.

Afterall, The Sun’s coming out.

Y’all Come Back Now:
Darkest before the dawn may be the best words for here, but I won’t lose hope. None of the 3 cards from one deck draws of the last three days have struck me as being for just that day. While the single card draws seem to carry an immediacy, there’s something about the last three days’ draws that feel larger. Longer. Like something to consider over the course of a month vs a day or two.

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