Happy Friday the 13th

I usually really enjoy Friday the 13ths – probably just the spite the notion that they’re bad luck or ill omens.

Yesterday though, as some of you may have noticed, there was no post.

Between a dentist appointment and a work related late night deploy I had realized I wouldn’t have the time, so I didn’t sweat it. I considered posting about not being able to post but that strikes me as odd, especially since I somewhat unconsciously planned to not do anything that day.

Today though, I had every intention of posting, but well


Apparently having your jaw wide open for 2 hours at a dentist’s office means you will be in AMAZING pain the next day.

Don’t laugh – seriously, it hurts like hell to laugh right now – but I pulled my cheeks from having my mouth open so wide for so long (That’s what she said, hur hur. xD )

My teeth, gratefully, feel 100% a-o-k. My face is trying to murder me.

I’d do a draw today – I really did consider it – but it’d be pain addled and weird, so I think we’ll just hold off. See you all tomorrow ❤

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