A Nice Cuppa

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I woke up today with a sore throat and no speaking voice. That said, I’m thinking today is going to be an okay day.


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Nine of Cups: Count your blessing, share your gratitude, and share your good fortune with others.

Wild Wood (middle) – Tend of Vessels: Generous fulfillment of desires from a source that is pure and cleansing. Reward for patience and love given selflessly.

Shadowscapes (right) – Temperance: Balance.

Gut Check:
Mystical Manga: The moment I flipped over this card I was struck by the content look on this person’s face. He’s not stressing anything. He looks both filled by his good fortune, and a split second away from passing out those cups to anyone who looks to be in need.

Wild Wood: “My cup runneth over.” There is so much happiness in this card, so much movement and positive emotion that it’s difficult to imagine you had a sad day in your life when you sit in the midst of this card. Your blessings are many, your love and family boundless – your sorrows and concerns are diminished because you can lean on the joys from this card in the hard times.

Shadowscapes: Fire without water would consume the world, and water without fire would drown all in a glass-like ball. Balance is the name of the game. In this card the Phoenix and the Dragon struggle against one another for eternity and Temperance’s job is to maintain a balance. If one were to triumph the result would actually be bad.

I love the very concept of balance, even if, practically speaking, it’s not something I can maintain for very long. Without sorrow would we understand joy? Without villains, where would our heroes be?

Ménage à Maybe:
I get down on myself fairly easy – lately I’ve been internally grumpy about stuff I’ve never had to deal with before. As I near 37 there are recent cracks in my concept of family and loyalty that I hadn’t before ever had to process. In working my way through it my mindset has been a bit darker than usual, and I think today’s cards are trying to bring me out of that.

My blessings are many, my joys are obtainable and wonderful – I’ve got 19 cups and they’re all overflowing with positivity and glee. Then Temperance comes along, and reminds me that these blessings do not mean I have no right to feel the dull ache of sorrow or the sharp bite of anger. To drown myself in my blessings is no different than drowning myself in my sorrows – both have detrimental effects.

Balance is the key. I was too far in the negative so today was the not-so-subtle reminder that there’s plenty of light. Each card separately and together teaches this lesson in its own way.

Y’all Come Back Now:
Yesterday was a good day, generally speaking. I spent it slowly descending further into full-blown being sick, and alas went to bed before editing this post. I’m up today, but no card spread will likely be done. I am uncomfortable in my illness this morning and I also don’t want to sneeze repeatedly all over my cards.

One thought on “A Nice Cuppa

  1. I have been in a depressed, anxiety-filled state for about two weeks. Nothing was going right, family issues – extended… this reading gives me hope for tomorrow as I am ‘meeting’ with my siblings and was entirely stressed about that. Now, not so much. Feel better Quin! ~Kim

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