Meeting the Tools: Mystical Manga Tarot


I struggled with purchasing this deck. I mean really, in the depths of my SOUL struggled with purchasing this deck. I had to be daft, mixing an entertainment medium like Anime with something that was – to me – serious business like Tarot?

But then I realized, that I have a huge connection to Anime. From Manga, to TV shows, to learning Japanese to Otome games. These experiences have defined me, molded me, saved me in several cases – I gathered strength from the stories and characters that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Maybe to some people that’s shallow, or flimsy, or it’ll cause anything I say on here or learn through this to lose credibility.

That’s not my problem.

This deck doesn’t just speak to me, it Sings to me. I can step inside these cards and walk through these adventures and there’s something that connects within me that no other deck manages.

RWS is a solid starter deck – I journal with it nearly every night.
Wild Wood is a walk through The Forest and a connection to Nature that urges me to continue the more grounded aspects of ADF Paganism.
Shadowscapes is the background to Trance that reminds me about larger more Universal connections.

But the Manga Deck? My heart connects with this. I didn’t expect it, I fought against it, I saw through the eyes of society and tried to brush it off. In the end I’ve never been more grateful for an impulse buy in my life.

Mystical Manga’s biggest departure from a standard RWS deck lies in the fact that the major arcana tell a story. You are the Fool, new and untouched to the world, and the steps you take walking the major arcana define you, teach you, and guide you as you step out into the world. It’s an adventure, a journey, and a story. Each step to the next until, full circle at The World the story begins again.

This isn’t the Wild Woods and its wise oaks and helpful animal friends, this isn’t the Shadowscapes and everlasting starlight or the wisdom therein, this isn’t RWS protecting you from the dark monsters and the shadowed corners. This is you. This is your journey, your adventure, and your struggles.

Either way, I hope this doesn’t dissuade you, dear reader, from continuing along this journey with me. To set something aside because Society tells us it’s silly, or childish, or foolish – regardless of how deeply it touches us is, to me, truly sad. How blessed could I be than to be 80 some decades from now and have someone “admonish” me for being child-like. I don’t think there’s a better goal to strive for regardless of any of the other details in my life -^_^-

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