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I’ve been sick since Wednesday, falling steadily into a pretty kicked-my-butt sinus infection that dropped right into my lungs and has me coughing myself to exhaustion. I’m feeling better today, so I have the energy to ease back into my morning routine.

Just one card for today – especially since I’m on the fence about drawing at all today. What addles the body often addles the mind, and I want to avoid going down erroneous paths with this, but I think taking it easy will be okay.


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga – Ace of Coins: While all the Aces are gifts, this one is the luckiest of them all. It is the seed that contains all possibilities. As pictured, it is a cornucopia of abundance waiting to manifest.

Gut Check:
Good things come to those who wait is only applicable if you’ve done the work before hand. The farmer doesn’t plunk some seeds in the ground and walk away. There’s days of prep work before the ground’s even ready for that seed, not to mention weeks of work to make sure the little guy sprouts at all. Waiting only comes into play when you’re walking down the rows of new food checking to make sure you’re not picking something too soon – or leaving it to rot on the vine.

Positive cards can almost be more dangerous than negative ones. We don’t WANT bad cards to come around – we’re more likely to actively work against them. Blockading the door is a burst of adrenaline compared to sitting down with a study guide. But without the guide you’re not going to learn or improve – and it’s easy to forget that good fortune coming our way can easily turn into a missed opportunity because we sat back and waited for it to come to us.

The Ace of Coins is practically a Universal “blank check” of possibilities. But like mentioned earlier, this is worthless if you don’t cash it in – and the Universe isn’t going to do that part for you. You also want to be careful not to withdraw too much – like any good fruit it’ll still go bad if you don’t use it quickly enough. It’s best to follow in the vein of Coins/Pentacles and use this abundance to lay down the best foundations you can – having a solid, protected, and grounded place to begin is the best use of this card in my opinion.

Today is probably a good day to set up that schedule you’ve been putting off “because they never work for you”. If you don’t tend to it, then it STILL won’t work for you, but today’s a good day to try again ^_^

Ménage à Maybe:
You know it’s going to be a long day when drawing a single card and typing up a couple hundred words already has you thinking how nice it’d be to take a nap. I’m grateful for this card for today – even if I don’t have the energy to take full advantage of it, I don’t feel like I have to waste energy worrying about the thing around the corner all day either.

Also it gives me the distinct impression that today may very well be my last “rough” day. I’ve been resting and taking care of myself as best I can the last couple days – not pushing too hard, not straining to do or stress over things I simply didn’t have the energy to do. I’m really bad at resting – I’m really bad at waiting – but maybe I’ve gotten better at knowing when to sit down in my “old” age.

Y’all Come Back Now:
Today’s blank check of possibilities was apparently a ton of extra work at work. Which, in its own way is a good thing – I can’t get a promotion without the extra heft of some projects that are a little outside my comfort zone. So, bring it on I say =D

One thought on “And-ah-One

  1. So, aggravating family meeting yesterday. I am so emotionally fatigued all I’ve been able to do is sleep. I guess my blank check is being able to do that when I need to. (I have a chronic illness with a few coexisting conditions.) So my Fibro flared and brought friends! Missed opportunity!~Kim


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