And Ah-Two

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Having drawn from one deck yesterday today I decided to two draw from two. Well, I decided to do so, undecided to do it, decided to do it again, etc. I went back and forth a couple times. My initial draw was actually two cards from the Wild Wood deck, but the second card didn’t feel right.

It was the Six of Stones – Exploitation. Not a great card, but not awful – either way it felt off. So I stuck with the first card I drew from Wild Wood and then drew a second card from Shadowscapes. You’ll see as you read, there still wasn’t good news to speak of, but something in my gut told me it was more accurate than the original pull.


Hitting the Books:
Wild Wood (left) – Knight of Arrows: Quick, graceful and a master of the element of Air, the Hawk is symbolic of vision and power. A messenger of Fate, the Hawk can help and support you to see through layers of doubt and uncertainty to the problem at the heart of the matter.

Shadowscapes (right) – The Tower: Catastrophe, sudden change, crisis, releasing all emotion, revelation, seeing through illusions. A necessary disruption to the status quo.

Gut Check:
Wild Wood: The Hawk is notorious for being able to see clearly. You really just have to look at the Marvel superhero Hawkeye for a complete understanding of how we culturally view Hawks. No bullshit, no frills – cut straight to the quick of it and be done. No energy wasted on riddles or mazes – seven concise words when most would use a dozen or more honeyed ones.

It’s kind of like getting a bill. Here’s what’s due, here’s why – no hidden fees – and hey it’s also here to help you out too. Here’s some payment options, here’s some resources – after all you’re not getting a full and clear picture of the problem without being able to see the possible resolutions. The Hawk isn’t just the messenger, he’s also the translator and aid counselor. His bed-side manner might be a bit raw, but you don’t have to worry about him hiding anything either.

Shadowscapes: Yesterday I stated “Positive cards can almost be more dangerous than negative ones.” and so the Universe saw fit to remind me there’s at least one negative card I’m always a little fearful about getting. The Tower is upheaval – even when you see it coming it’s still difficult to deal with. My concern at the moment is not being sure if it’s related to work, or family.

Yesterday I acquired a lot of extra responsibility at work – it’s “just” one more project than what I had before, but it’s a Massive project. It’s going to be a bit of a stretch for me mostly because some of the things I’ll need to do will require coordinating communications – and quite frankly people herding isn’t one of my strong suits. Apprehensive or not the only option I have is to step forward and step up – Work I can exert some level of control over – my family on the other hand is mostly located almost two thousand miles away.

There’s nothing I can do if the Tower is related to them and the inherent emotion associated with family. All I can really do in that case is brace for impact.

Ménage à Maybe:
Obviously the big part of this draw is that the Knight of Arrows is doing his level best in helping you to see the Tower on the horizon. You can’t avoid the Tower, but if you know all your options and have a clear picture of the “bill” coming due, then you’re in a better position to help mitigate the oncoming damage.

If this is work related then I can go into work today and know that a little extra prep isn’t going to hurt. If anything it’s the right move to help mitigate any issues I’m not expecting.

If this is family related well then maybe spending all day expecting bad news will wear me out enough I’ll just kind of deflate when I get it – vs losing my cool at work or home. I mean, I’m loathe to sound negative – but I’ve got a massive soft spot for all things family and historically I’ve not handled bad news well.

Y’all Come Back Now:
Today worked out fairly well. My body wasn’t holding out too well – I’m a fully week now of being sick and while I thought I was getting better I’m not. Work improved, but I almost want to attribute it more to being on the lookout and Extra Ready than anything else. I kept pushing through because I knew I had to get things done while I still had the energy to do it.

That, or the cards weren’t for today specifically and I should consider not dropping my guard just yet. ^_^;

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