Getting to the Point

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The adventure I went on yesterday wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a lot of fun either. Mostly because it was an adventure into the cave of a very angry nasty dragon who did nothing but half ignore my very presence there.

Alas I think despite my best efforts I’m already dreading today due to the events of yesterday, but! I’ve heard the dragon’s on vacation today so I won’t have to deal with him at least.


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Ten of Swords: Some situations don’t go our way no matter how much effort we put forth. The fact is, this situation is over. The damage is done, the matter resolved – learn the lessons you can from it and Move On.

Wild Wood (middle) – The Great Bear: The only thing in life that is assured is that, if you wait long enough, it will change. How you survive that change and who you are after it is up to you. In the process of judgement – both as an individual and on the universal level – honesty is key. Be honest, be forgiving, be patient.

Shadowscapes (right) – Five of Swords: The five of swords is a sign of discord and conflict of interests. The choices arrayed make it easy to profit and look to one’s own concerns, for it feels the world is allied against you. Perhaps a wider view of the world might eclipse this feeling.

Gut Check:
Mystical Manga: In your standard RWS deck this card is finality in its worst form – things just aren’t going to get any worse. It is Rock Bottom. In the Mystical Manga deck this card is more akin to “stick a fork in it, its done.” The duality of the sunset/sunrise in the background is both the finality and closure of the situation, and also the reminder that a new day will dawn – and a wise person will walk away with lessons learned and the means to avoid the same outcome in the future.

Wild Wood: The guarded burial mound is a process of life. Less literally it is a point in your life when you need to change. The judgement is turned within and the focus is on your self – your True Self. Raw and vulnerable the bear watches over you while you process these naked truths and barred understandings.

Sometimes you have to admit that the flaw was with You, not the other guy, and that can be a harsh journey to take. You’re not alone though – this isn’t about who was “right” or who was “wrong”, this is about taking honest stock and learning from it.

Shadowscapes: This card strikes me as the Knee-Jerk Reaction Card. You’re slighted, angry, looking for a fight – you feel assured in your rage and leap into the throes of conflict and strife because of it. The reality of the matter is certainly far more complex than that – taking a breath, sheathing your sword and looking around is the most useful thing you can do. The Truth isn’t centered Just on you – when you’ve an outward source for your conflict and rage then the truth includes them and their circumstances as much as you.

Ménage à Maybe:
The weight of the end of my day yesterday clung to me as I woke up this morning. I could feel it pulling me down.

The truth of the matter is that I was letting it. I needed to take the lessons of the day and move forward with the wisdom of it – not be weighed down by things that are concluded. The actions that irritated me and sent me into a rage are done, and they cannot be undone. I cannot change that other person, and I cannot assume that their actions were honestly directed at me. I was likely no more the source of their ass-hattery than any other person on the project.

I got caught up in the negativity of their reactions and now that I know how they react to stressful situations I can brace for impact in the future. The cards are informing me that this was an option from the start – lesson learned. I think the Five of Swords also stands as a reminder that no matter how justified I may feel in my aggravation toward that other person I need to remember not to fall into the same trap. There’s no need for me to lose myself to conceit and rage when I can better benefit everyone involved by keeping a level head and keeping my eyes on the project as a whole.

Y’all Come Back Now:
What a day – but since I feel like I just stepped out of a really cleansing sauna run, I’d have to say it was a good day. Exhausting and full of sweat, but a good day.

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