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A good friend of mine did a tarot spread for me last night, and that knowledge is probably coloring my view of today’s cards – which is fine. Just a fair warning if I seem to be referencing things out of the blue when I get personal in this post ^_^


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Five of Swords: There is a clear winner and a clear loser. While the losers may harbor feelings of resentment and revenge, the winner has given up something for his victory unbeknownst to him. Perhaps his honor, integrity, values or friendship. If the battle has happened already do whatever you can to make amends – if it has not happened yet look for alternative ways of resolving the current conflict.

Wild Wood (middle) – Nine of Arrows: Dedication – The act of dedicating one’s life to any particular skill, path, belief, etc. is itself an act of sacrifice as other areas of life are neglected in the pursuit of what is desired. With this particular card that sacrifice generally results in something positive, so even though I say neglect I don’t necessarily mean it in a negative light.

Shadowscapes (right) – King of Cups: He is the protector. He cares for a watches over all those who are near to him. He offers a drink from his healing waters. He offers compassion and care. His message is to let the currents flow through your veins to cleanse your heart of its burdens.

Gut Check:
Mystical Manga: The five of swords AGAIN – though, from a different deck the meaning sits a little differently. While the Shadowscapes card from yesterday carried more of a reveling in the thrill of the fight, the Mystical Manga card presents it as more a battle you didn’t really want to have – even if you won. That victory cost you personally, and probably gave you enemies. I’m taking this card as a warning for a future action – and I’m going to keep my eyes and mind open to alternative paths – even if the fight is one I could win directly with ease.

Wild Wood: My friend’s spread from last night brought to focus the artistic projects I’m working on. Which comes to mind when I see this card. The lady in this card’s dedication to her craft is protecting her from the arrows that had been coming at her. They are deflected, she’s protected – but she’s also walking alone among the trees. Her dedication provided her great skill, but cost her in a lot of ways. Those costs are ones she’s likely okay with – there’s not a look of pain or sorrow on her face at all. She’s very much at peace. It’s just hard to say if that peace was coming to terms with the cost of her choices, or a peace she’d found prior to paying those costs.

Shadowscapes: While the first two cards have me a certain level of concerned, this card brings me comfort.  The King of Cups is looking out for the situation, and probably a not so gentle reminder that regardless of choices made it’s important to stay balanced, hydrated, fed, and calm. This keeps the heart light, and makes even more difficult choices easier to bear.

Ménage à Maybe:
Dedication to ART comes with it a risk of alienating people; friends and family both. I don’t want that – I want to dedicate myself to art, but I want to mitigate that possible loss.

The Five of Swords lays as a warning to not rush to an assured victory with so much focus I lose sight of other equally important things. The Nine of Arrows (more swords @_@) also assures me that the sacrifice and dedication I’m willing to give will lead to a positive outcome. Not just for myself but for others as well. The King of Cups is there to put a hand on my shoulder and comfort me – and possibly slow me down just a little. Not enough to throw everything off the rails, but enough to make sure I don’t lose health and friends along the way.

He’s the voice that reminds you to reply to texts to friends and family and get up and stretch for a walk to the water fountain so you’re not working 7 solid hours at your desk without moving.

Y’all Come Back Now:

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