The Quick Draw

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So for the first time in a long time I had a pretty direct question for my cards. Should I, or should I not, re-start a Patreon account? I’ve got some heavy projects rolling, and some of it would function better as Patreon content than anything else.

But man, I had a not good experience with Patreon itself. They’ve taken the proverbial hint and haven’t made policy changes that essentially ruined the entire thing. However there isn’t really a better option out there and pulling people to a new site takes more than I’ve got.


Hitting the Books:
King of Coins – The King of Coins is extremely practical and values end results, bottom lines, and quality. Although he has an appreciation for the finer things in life he doesn’t expect them to be handed to him. Carefully assess your resources and invest them wisely.

Gut Check:
Even before looking up the meaning on this card I knew I was done with my draw for today. The answer was plain – the cocked eyebrow, the soft smile, the glint in the eye of the King before me. It was an easy question and an easy answer. The resources are there, the knowledge of what to do and the lessons learned through that knowledge are already mostly paid.

This lift is easy. Do the thing.

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