Heart, Hearth, and Home

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Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – The Sun: This is a straightforward card. It is a time of pure joy, happiness, and clarity. Let go of worries and squeeze every ounce of joy that you can out of moments. Count your blessings, practice gratitude.

Wild Wood (middle) – Ten of Stones Home: This isn’t brick and mortar alone. This is your center, your hearth. This is where your heart is. This is safety, security, and peace – regardless of location or any of the other small details. This is the sigh in your chest after years of searching and the warm smile as your soul realizes You Are Home.

Shadowscapes (right) – The Hanged Man: Letting go and surrendering to the experience and emotional release. Accepting what is and giving up control. Suspending action. Sacrifice (Think Odin as he hung from Yggdrasil to attain knowledge). Sometimes a change in perspective is required.

Gut Check:
Mystical Manga: Work’s been crazy, life’s been busy – those quiet moments of peace and relaxation are far and few between. I’ve got a lot of projects going on as well – professionally and personally. With all that there’s something calming and rejuvenating about getting The Sun card this morning. A Quiet reminder that despite the chaos, these are good days – there’s growth and experience and memories coming from all of it, and it needs be embraced and cherished.

Wild Wood: Home is where Heart and Hearth are. I’ve two homes. My home of thirty years of my life filled with friends and family that I’ve grown up with, and my home of the last 6 or so years where I’ve made my Own Way. My family has extended – in friends and love – and the distance between the two has done nothing to diminish the connection to either.

Shadowscapes: My home of faraway is going through some hard times. I’m going through these hard times with them, but from so far away there is little I can do directly. While The Sun reminds me that my days aren’t truly clouded, the Ten of Stones reminds me how well I’m grounded, the Hanged Man reminds me to just stop.

Take a breath, relax your shoulders, clasp your hands in prayer and meditate. There are things I will never be able to control – let go of them and focus on what you can control. Even then sometimes it’s best to just stop.

Ménage à Maybe:
There’s loss on the horizon – I can’t avoid seeing it, I’ve been seeing it since my grandmother passed away a few years ago. It is an inevitability of life.

It’s important – and as such the message of today’s cards – to not lose sight of the lights in your life even when you can’t ignore the horizon. I am blessed (The Sun), I have a Home (Ten of Stones), and there are things I can’t control (The Hanged Man) – those things specifically I need to stop placing in the way of the Sun.

It’s warmth – the strength and foundation and support of the Ten of Stones – these things will get me through the times when I simply can not stop what’s happening. Would that I could freeze time in the days before loss – but I’d halt everything else. My own progress, my own experiences, my own joys. There’d be no growth, and hearth and home would grow cold regardless.

Y’all Come Back Now:

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