The Paths Before You

My morning was too hectic to relax and hit my stride to do my normal draw. However I had some time in my afternoon that doesn’t happen often so I reached out to some friends and offered to do a big draw (or two) for them should they have any pressing questions.

What follows is almost 1,000 words on the paths that stretch out before my friend. She’s aware that where she is right now is Not Good, and it’s time leave. But what to do? There’s some time to choose the right path, but what options are we looking at and what do the cards/Universe have to say about those options?

This spread is completely impromptu. My friend sits in the center, the paths radiating out from her. I had initially planned to only draw three paths, and from that I had planned to only draw TWO cards for each path.

What I wanted, wasn’t what happened, but the result speaks well enough for itself I think.


Three of coins:
Working as a team – Could be by accessing multiple talents of self, but I get the distinct impression it’s about her leaning on her friends and her companion to stay strong regardless of what path is chosen

1st path: The High Priestess, The Lovers, The Fool

The High Priestess is the second half of the Fool – the introvert, and introspection. Pay super close attention to your internal voice. What feels wrong is wrong, what feels right – even if it’s scary – is right.
Lovers – Hard choices aren’t always BIG decision. Logical pros and cons lists aren’t going to help. This card reinforces looking inward to find the answer. I also think it reiterates leaning on you Partner. Voice your concerns/ideas to him and let him support you.
A new beginning lies in The Fool, and a new journey. New, new, new. This path is all newness. It might even feel foolish to consider. It’s an intuitive path, but I’m drawn to suggesting it.

2nd path: 8 of wands, 6 of swords, 7 of wands

Eight of wands basically means all the ducks are in a row and ready to fly. This is a sure path. A logical one – this is staying in the same field you’re in now, but with a different company. Or that’s how it hits me.
Six of Swords warns logical and clear a path as this may be, the road won’t be smooth. You have to leave. You NEED to leave, but that doesn’t mean the waters are still.
The Seven of Wands is there to back you up – the road will be rocky, but you alone have the skills and capacity to really pull through. To me this means you’re going to spend time regretting this path should you choose to follow it, but you will pull through in the end due to your own strength.

3rd path: Knight of wands, 8 of coins, Knight of coins

Knight of wands talks about the path you want at your CORE. You’re going to have to give something up to see it work however, and that something might be too heavy a cost for the reward.
The Eight of Coins is all about improving this skill, this driving force will lighten the burden of this path, but that improvement will be tedious and promises no feeling of reward at its end save the promise of improvement – No Matter How Small
Knight of Coins is known for pulling a meal together from rice and leftovers – that’s this guy’s mantra. Patience, commitment and making the most of what little you have.

4th path? I didn’t mean to do a 4th path…: The Tower, The Hierophant, Page of Swords

The Tower – The SECOND I saw this card I got the feeling this entirely Unplanned 4th path was the cards not too subtle reminder that you need to get away from where you are. This is the Path of “Oh I could stay, it would be so easy, this is the routine I know” and the cards are like “NO.”
The Hierophant – “The Hierophant knows as long as there is a gap between what you believe in your heart and the actions in your life, it is impossible to be at peace.”
Page of Swords – You know this job Too Well. Even if you did stay, you’d be bored, and this card would quickly and aggravatingly invert itself in response. Then you’re down the path of being the bitter grumbly Know-it-all who hasn’t actually known it all since the last big system change.

Quin’s take:
The 1st path is referencing doing something completely different. To an extreme, even as far as moving a considerable distance, or finding the Perfect Opportunity juuuuuuuuust far enough away you really are going to need to move to make things more amenable. This is long hours, strange shifts, maybe even times where the company sends you away for weeks at a time. This is disruption of home – but it’ll be a new journey and I can promise you will learn so much. It’ll be scary, and it requires a LOT of sit down and think hard on it. You’ll find that one ad in the paper or on the internet and you’ll feel that pull to it despite realizing you don’t have any direct experience/schooling to tie into it. This is NOT a bad choice, it’s just going to have to be something that you’re okay with – and that you Partner is too – the Lovers card leads me to believe the impact will be as much for him as it will you.

The 2nd path is continuing the same line of work. I did this when I left my job and went to what I thought was a better option but it was awful – in your case I wouldn’t worry that your option will automatically turn out to be a shit company. You’ve got the skills, even if the first place you go to ISN’T that great, you don’t have to stay there. It’ll be scary, because leaving what you know is always scary and new jobs are never easy to settle into. Brag on your resume, continue your education, strut your stuff if you walk this path. It has your back, and the ability to defend your abilities while you go through interviews is a strength you possess.

The 3rd path – I can’t presume to know what it is you’d just ABSOLUTELY love to do for a living, but whatever that thing dear to your heart is – whatever that core piece of your soul is that calls out to you every waking moment – you have the option to pursue it. Nothing about this path except from the fulfillment will be easy. You will budget like you never have before, you will work massively long hours, and you will have to figure out how to manifest those last few pennies from Thin Air. There’s no sign of true sacrifice in this path, at least not in this reading, so I don’t think you’re risking homelessness if you go down this path, but you’ll likely be filling out every available financial aid piece of paperwork you can qualify for. It won’t be easy, but it will be filling and rewarding.

The 4th path… uh… don’t do this to me, okay? Just light that bridge on fire and walk away. Do Not Decide It’ll be Safer/easier/better/whatever to stay where you are. It’s in Chaos right now, even if you try to deal with it and push on you’re just deluding yourself (so says the Hierophant), and you won’t be at peace.

The important thing to remember is REGARDLESS of which path you choose, you have your friends. That’s the Three of Coins to me. This isn’t just you, no matter what road you go down. It’s your Partner,  myself, your friends, etc. You have a fantastic network behind you and if you need our help we’ll all be there in all the ways we can be.

Even if you decide to stay at the quickly becoming craptastic place.


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