Paths of Light

This draw, also for a friend, went a bit sideways on me. In the last couple of years of ADF work and stepping more into Paganism and Seer stuff I’ve had probably two really intense experiences, including this one. I could drop a thousand words on the whys and such, but I’ll save that for another post. For now just a forewarning that this steps away from my usual in terms of breaking everything down and laying it all out.

My friend is aware of several paths laid out before her, and was interested to see my take on it. She does a lot of divination work herself, being a paragon of Indo-European Paganism herself, and has guided me in trance work before (intense experience #1 I must admit, and the precursor to this very blog). The first draw I did for her fell flat – it was wrong, discordant, irritating. Nothing was connecting so I called a Do Over, walked away for a bit, stretched, cleared my head, etc. I came back to the cards and focused.

Maybe a little too much. I pictured my friend, the paths illuminated themselves (quite literally they were beams of light coming from her feet), and then they began moving. It was during this scene in my mind’s eye that I stopped shuffling and laid out the cards. Three sets of three – one set for each previously discussed path. Bear in mind the actual details are vague’d out a bit with this drawing and yesterday’s post – as I would do for any drawing I pulled for someone the personal bits are for them specifically and I’m not trying to air someone’s biz-nass all over the inter-webs.


Path 1: Ace of Wands, Eight of Swords, King of Pentacles

The core part of this option is the Ace of Wands – The light of inspiration, creativity and adventure that not only illuminates the path, but also allows for the seeing of hidden things. Spirits and such, normally indistinguishable flock to this light. It is a fierce spirit, confident and strong.

The Eight of Swords and the King of Pentacles also mark this path, though in a secondary manner, while the eight of swords reminds you not to waste energy on the small things – to keep yourself from stressing and flailing about to cause more harm than good, the King of pentacles is the bright reminder that you have stability and strength to continue on. The King’s inspiration and strength are a reminder that you are both the Swan and Hummingbird of the Eight of Swords and it is within you to consciously choose which to be.
(Note: Specific to the circumstances of the querent, this path is one that was going to be a struggle and a frustration already, so the Eight of Swords is more a note of exacerbation of that fact than anything else. My initial role of the card was to pair it with the King and thereby mitigate some of its impact, but in context it makes for a very thorny path.)

Path 2:  Three of Cups, Judgement, King of Swords

The core part of this option lies within the Three of Cups – Community, reliance on others, celebration, friendship. This isn’t a path you can walk in solitude like the Initiate path is. It is not just your strength that will guide you, but the support and strength of your friends and grove as well.

Judgement lends a hard pull to this path, added in weight with the King of Swords. Warrior king concepts aside, the Owl of Knowledge perched upon the sword drives itself deep to me. Judgement lends a weight to this path in that while it might not be the easy choice, it is likely to “Right” choice. And the King of Swords himself – Owl aside for now – is the kind of leader who stands at the front of his people – like a group leader who steps into the higher office of Elected Official so that she can bring her Truth (guided by the owl and ravens) to the fore front of both the group and the entirety of the much larger organization that group is a part of.

Completely separate from this reading is that I pictured my friend in a kind of fantasy battle-robe-armor with a holy staff standing before the tides of the world ready and able to face the day. This wasn’t a vision per se, but more my Art Mind taking over and thinking how cool it looked =^_^=

Path 3:  Three of wands, Page of Wands, Ten of cups

The Three of Wands marks the Core of this path – stepping into the possibility of the unknown and new. Having faith that the bridge will materialize beneath your feet – and then having it do just that. The card reaches out its hand and offers you adventure.

The Page of Wands and the Ten of Cups support this path, and I’m going to admit I’m not sure how to explain this properly, but I’ll do my best. These cards speak to me as those they are all Her. It’s a Her I do not know, but I think I should. It’s a force that sits quietly behind and illuminates everything. I can’t step away from it, I can’t pick the pieces of each card individually without some sense of discord. She sits in all three cards and I can see her eyes, and her smile – they’re not menacing, they’re not overtly comforting either, but I can hear her and I’m going to admit to a small amount of Freaking Out about it.

This path isn’t an option. This path is a path that IS. Whatever you choose between the first two this is a path that will settle itself onto that route. Like… this is the dirt road the Universe laid out for you before you were born, and whatever you choose will be paving stones on top of it. It will support you, but you’re not going to step away from it.

I couldn’t really Closing Thoughts this for the querent last night, but I’m going to try to this morning. The read itself let me utterly exhausted – I’da been less whupped if I’d jogged around the block a few times, and running isn’t exactly a personal forte of mine. My recommendation is to take Path 2, and not worry about the others for now (which honestly is what I believe the querent means to do for the time being). Path 3 isn’t going to be ignored, but it’s already there so there’s no need to waste energy setting yourself down that road, it’s following you.

Shadowscapes is the deck I turn to for bigger picture takes. It’s not just a personal journey, or the Wide (Wild) World (Wood), it’s the Universe. This is tapping the Cosmos and pulling down that Star Perspective. Which might be part of why I needed to do the pull twice before I got it right. I’m always hesitant to step onto such a large ledge. I’m like Luke Skywalker during training – there’s really not a difference between the rocks and the sunk ship, but my brain won’t let go of the size difference it believes exists. The only thing for it is to do more with that deck and get used to that size stage.

Even if it means getting used to unexpected visitors. Which, I had gotten used to way back in the day, but as I said, that’s a post for another time.

❤ Quin

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