Positively Monday V 2.0

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Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Ace of Swords: Truth, clarity, communication, and justice. This is the bright idea that comes out of the middle of nowhere. Careful not to abuse the flash of insight that comes with this card, as leaping to conclusions could get you stabbed.

Wild Wood (middle) – Nine of Vessels: Kindness is more important than wisdom and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. Nature’s open-hearted spiritual cauldron is welcoming to those who approach the waters of knowledge with compassion.

Shadowscapes (right) – Ace of Pentacles: It is the possibility of prosperity, abundance, and security. It is the promise of wealth and well-being, of flourishing and reaping the rewards of hard work. Energy spent will see returns.

Gut Check:
Mystical Manga: The Ace of Swords cuts to the heart of the matter. It is that flash of light, that eureka moment, the moment when everything is laid bare. It’s the Truth regardless of what you thought the Truth was. It’s literally the embodiment of cutting away all the bs and getting down to brass tacks. I like seeing this card more often than not – there’s not really any emotion here – it’s all logic and wit and knowledge. It can be a tough card to get if you’re not ready for that bright flash of knowledge

Wild Wood: I’ve never gotten this card before, but I already love it. It’s so bright and full of life and energy – the old man in its midst is vibrant in his age. He’s not hunched over and sad or grouchy, he’s sitting straight and comfortably and his face is etched deep with age and contentment. He’s at peace – he’s Happy with a big capital H. He’s not got a lot to give – his clothes are tattered and the vessels around him aren’t necessarily his. There he is though, generously giving of the light and warmth he has and filling the vessel (life/people/etc) around him.

Shadowscapes: The Ace of Pentacles is the Fullmetal Alchemist card – For those not fans of the show it’s the card of “Equivalent Exchange” – or more succinctly you get out of a thing what you put into it. Art does not improve without practice. Science doesn’t improve without effort. The abundance and stability that this card promises is the stability, focus, and capacity to put forth the effort needed to accomplish the Thing™. Whatever that thing may be understand this is NOT the motivation to DO it, this is the indication that the tank is full.

Ménage à Maybe:
This strikes me as a great combination to get for a Monday. (Fun fact, the first Monday post in April is the one that shares the title with the post today – the first Monday post of May.) Not only are things going to be laid bare, but there’s energy there to deal with the revelations with grace vs frustration. How productive the day goes is up to me – if I don’t put my nose to the grindstone as it were, then nothing’ll get done. But the capacity to “Do All The Things” is certainly there.

It’s the best start to a Monday I think you can hope for. Time to roll up the sleeves – or in my case put on my rainbow arm warmers – and dive into the work load. I’ll let you lot know how things went after my shift wraps. ^_^

Y’all Come Back Now:
I got a lot of work done today – both art wise and work wise \o/ Pretty impressive, especially for a Monday overflowing with soul-sucking meetings back to back to back.

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