For Your Reconsideration

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Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Six of Swords: Sometimes running away is the only option. You need to get some distance from an unsalvageable situation and spend some time getting a better view of things. This is a can’t see the forest for the trees kind of card.

Wild Wood (middle) – Ace of Stones: The most potent act of the mind is to conceive of an idea and manifest it into practical, material reality. This means being able to formulate and marshal your thoughts to bring about a real-world change.

Shadowscapes (right) – Seven of Wands: The seven of wands represents taking a stand, defending what you believe in. The world is full of strife and stiff competition, and one must have courage in facing the difficulties that come. Do not break under a stiff wind, but sway like the bamboo.

Gut Check:
Mystical Manga: I dislike this card only because I dislike any concept of needing to retreat. It feels like failure to me, and you’d think – after a few decades of living – I would’ve learned this isn’t the case. Sometimes you really have to break out of what’s surrounding you to get a better idea of what’s actually going on. The never-ending darkness you feel is inescapable often time turns out to be nothing more than one burnt out bulb – the light was outside the door the entire time.

Wild Wood: I like this card. It feels like a focal point. Or, in relation to the card before it, this one is the Light. This is the shiny shiver of brightness that slips under the door and reminds you that the darkness isn’t nearly as consuming as it seems. This is the light bulb moment just before you dive into your work and really make progress.

Shadowscapes: Sometimes things come to you easily. Sometimes you’ve got a cigar and a swaggering smile and you just love it when a plan comes together. Other times you’ve got the climb that mountainside with a bruised rib, no rope, and nothing but sheer force of will inching you on. The Seven of Wands might be more an over-sized hill and less an actual mountain, but the fight is no less epic by the time you’ve reached the top.

Ménage à Maybe:
Over and over in my mind while I read through these cards and contemplated them, I was struck soundly with the idea that they’re relating to my Personal projects. There’s nothing 9 to 5 work related here. The Work Mountain is my proverbial bitch at this point and I’m not worried about him.

But, if I’m being honest my project list is getting out of hand, and trying to juggle everything isn’t impossible, it’s just honestly not in my best interest. I need to take a step back (Six of swords) and get a better look at the overall picture. What’s the end game? What is it I’m really honestly trying to accomplish? When that Truth strikes (Ace of Stones) then I’ll know what direction to head in and I can put my foot down with surety.

But I need to understand and accept that whatever route it is, it will not be “easy” (Seven of Wands).  It’s going to take strength to plant my feet, and courage to not back down – as long as I can roll with the punches I’ll be fine.

Y’all Come Back Now:

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