Maybe For You

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The cards didn’t seem to have anything to say to Me specifically today. The first draw I did for myself was just discombobulated. I’ve learned pretty quickly that means it’s time for a do over.

In this case, however, I was drawn to doing a drawing for someone else – not re-doing my own usual spread. I don’t really know who this is meant for, but I did ask the cards to make sure it was for someone they know would read this post. So, uh, hello Dear Internet Wanderer, if these cards are for you, I hope you get the message when you need it most.


Forgive me as a forego my usual setup and just cut straight to the heart of the matter.

Eager to learn and explore in days past you were much like The Magician – curious and assured. You not only wanted to know and explore the world, you were sure in your own personal capabilities. The sky was the proverbial limit.

Lately however, you’re weighed down from the earlier freedom. The weight could be a lot of things, but what strikes me is something to do with failure. You either screwed up at a job, flunked an important test, or even just failed to complete a personal job. It might be the first time you’ve dropped the ball, or it might just be the worst screw up you’ve “allowed” to happen. Whatever the case the incident sits heavily on your mind – it’s keeping you up at night, and what rest you do get is fitful and crappy.

Don’t despair, just as the nine of swords slides into the eight of wands, the weight will shift, and it will slide off your back. If the fault/failure is something you could’ve control or will be able to mitigate in the future, then take steps to accomplish that. Stand up tall and learn from the event. A Thousand Failures Does Not a Failure Make – So long as you learn from them and become better for it in the future.

If it wasn’t something you could control or won’t even be able to mitigate in the future, then let it roll off your shoulders and step out from under it. Sometimes there’s simply shit we cannot control or affect. Learn what you can from these situations, and then let it go. Whatever the damage was, it’s done – the dust is settling and there’s still things that need to be done.

As an aside to this, it’s really okay to go back to being The Magician after all this. There’s no shame or arrogance in it. Making mistakes, or being effected by things you couldn’t control, are a part of learning – and the Magician wants to learn it all. Figuring out how to do something the correct way is usually a lot of steps in having learned what doesn’t work through trial and error. The Magician is wearing an eye patch, after all, he’s paid the cost of learning somewhere along the way and he still marches on with determination.


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