Step 3: The Empress


The Empress is Feminine Energy – but it’s important to remember that this isn’t exclusive to people with lady parts. This isn’t pink ribbons and rainbows shouting Girl Power at a rave (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that this isn’t that). This is nurturing, this is sensual, this is intuition and compassion. This is Mother Earth and the mother of the hearth – this is helping things that are growing to grow, and caring for things not yet able to care for themselves, and these actions/emotions don’t require boobs or a vagina. ❤


The Mystical Manga Empress is the lessons of family values and expectations. These lay the foundations of the Fool’s ability to form intimate and trusting relationships. Of course, in our imperfect world, this can also mean passing down family dysfunctions – meaning that extremes of neglect and smothering/controlling can be incidentally passed on.
In a broader sense is Mother Earth – an abundance of life hand in hand with the necessity of death. This cycle of life makes room for all events from happy to tragic, as all experiences have value and add to the richness of life. (I realize this is hard to see during times of tragedy and am reminded of a saying along the lines of without sorrow we would not know to appreciate joy.)

The Green Woman  encompasses the female archetype of wildness and green energy. Her presence balances that of the wild man, and represents the earthly manifestation of female solar energy and the rich bounty of the Great Mother. She is the Lady of the Lake, the Flower Bride, the Goddess of the Land, the Sovereignty of Earth – challenging those who come before her and gifting the victors with inner kingship, love, and a deepening bond to the riches of the Earth.
Less so do we see the Mother of the Hearth with the Green Woman, and far more so do we see Mother Earth. This is the heavy reminder that without the Mother Earth there would be no realm on which you could sew your seeds – be the family, crop, community or art.

The Shadowscapes Empress is Fae-wild. She is creativity, generosity, patience, love. She is about abundance, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural. Sharing the Mother Earth Vibe with The Green Woman, she is a little less hearth and home and a little more wild fields and harvest grain. She is the will of the world and the heart beat of life – and I get the distinct impression that she is a little disinterested in human affairs. While the Green Woman would caution us to be kind to our home, the Shadowscapes Empress is well aware that with or without us, she will remain.
The cycles of life and the heart beat of the Earth will continue on without us, though differently. If anything I imagine it is our passion and creativity she would miss.

The RWS Empress is Loving. She loves her family, her partner, her people, her fields, etc. This is nurturing and life-giving. She can refer to pregnancy, delight, desire, sexuality, fertility and sensuality. This is the love that encourages growth – growth of self, growth of skill, growth of plants, growth of family.
She is relaxed and calm, lounging more than sitting. While a regal air surrounds her there is nothing imposing about it. She is not admonishing you – she’s guiding your steps and letting you find your feet. Love is about letting people fail, we don’t grow without learning from what doesn’t work.



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