Crap, She’s Up.

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Whew – Ended up taking a few days off from posting. Took a small tumble at the home space (trying to avoid landing on the cat that cause me to trip to begin with) and you really don’t realize the muscles you use until they’re bruised to Hel and back. Drawing wasn’t too difficult (I’m a lefty and I landed right-side-first), but even just sitting up right was some pretty impressive throbbing pain, so I didn’t get much done at all until last night.


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Ace of Coins: All the Aces are gifts, but the Ace of Coins is the luckiest of them all. It isn’t just about monetary bounty though – this Ace could be about physical, mental, and/or emotional bounty as well. Dream big and work hard.

Wild Wood (middle) – Six of Arrows: Transition. Movement toward new things – more notably toward things you may have considered outside your proverbial wheel house. May be a tumultuous time, but harnessing positive energy and drive will help smooth the waters.

Shadowscapes (right) – King of Pentacles: A man of multifarious talents, he is well aware that bounty is to be shared, and shared again. Think of the concept of Paying it Forward. Partake of the fruit he offers – This is internal strength, steadying support, and the long reach of well-established sponsor.

Gut Check:

Forgive me it’s a little hard to pull the pieces apart in today’s Gut Check. The Six of Arrows from the Wild Wood deck made me a tad uneasy – old dude in his dismal cloak on his Oddly Fancy Boat was throwing me off – but the Six of Arrows is kin to the six of swords (you’ve seen the Mystical Manga version before with the girl in the boat guarded by six swords). It’s leaving crap behind and forging into new – though rarely on smooth waters.

The Ace of Coins is always nice to see, and with the King of Pentacles popping up along with it I have to admit it’s difficult to have any misgivings about the course of the day.

Ménage à Maybe:
The cards are working together here. MM’s being the Mom – checking the bags are packed, that your account’s in order, your health’s good – everything is as abundant as she can make it without living your life for you. The Six of Arrows is the taxi waiting outside – the driver’s rough under the collar and you’re fairly certain it’ll take a week to get that stale vomit smell out of your clothes and belongings, but you’re stagnating where you were and despite the conditions of your travel, you Need to move on.

The King of Pentacles (Pentacles and Coins being the same suit essentially this is a pentacle-heavy day), is the taxi driver himself. It might take you a while to realize how bountiful and full this guy’s life is, but on the long drive (to Bel-Air!) he’ll pass on as much of that bounty to you as you’re able to take.

Today’s the kind of day where I’m hitting the ground effectively armed and armored. The winds might buffet me, and I might drag a little under the weight of all this preparedness, but I’m off to a sound start ^_^

Y’all Come Back Now:

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