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Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Three of Wands: Choices have been made and actions have been taken – the initial signs are positive, but it isn’t over yet. Like the figure in the card you’re essentially waiting for your ship to come in, but don’t stand about idly. The ship may provide abundance beyond your expectations, or be woefully under-laden.

Wild Wood (middle) – The Guardian: If the Guardian is frightening it is because we are frightened by our own reflection, our own dark shadow. It is a challenge of self; turning out the inner turmoil and forcing it to be faced. However threatening or difficult the situation may be, you can only become stronger and more resilient from the experience.

Shadowscapes (right) – Seven of Swords: Lies, falsehoods, deceptions. The thief has not successfully stolen the sword – the guardian swan looks over her shoulder at him. The blackbird call out and inquire about the sword, but he turns his back to them as well – for he is the Cleverest and Bestest thief.

Gut Check:
I’m getting two different returns in today’s cards. So bear with me a bit. The good news first: The Three of Wands is a welcome sight. Decisions have been made, things have been set in place, and now we wait. Not idly, mind you, I’m not going to burn my retinas out staring at the setting sun day after day waiting for my ship to arrive. There’s plenty of preparation work to be done, and plenty of other projects that require just as much attention. We can shuffle the projects that require the passage of time to the backs of our minds while we focus on other things.

As for The Guardian and the Seven of Swords.


Okay, so this is a massive Personal Road we’re about to walk down. Strap yourselves in for some raw honesty or just go ahead and stop here. You may learn something about me you can’t unlearn and I promise you I will go over these cards in another post (I’m pretty sure the Seven of swords has shown up in another post). I’ll reach these cards eventually in the Journey posts as we take the steps through the Tarot.

You don’t _have_ to continue on.

Still here?

The Guardian forces us to look inward. The best and worst qualities of the Guardian spirit are different for everyone because those qualities are different for each of us. I’ve been having a lot of Really Hard Looks Inward lately, and I thought I’d made peace with the things sitting there.
I’ve accepted that I have no legitimate worth.
I’ve accepted I’ve no logical value.
I’ve accepted that my primary capacity for continuing on each day is to be able to continue to provide for others.

I made peace with these concepts – all my bags were packed and I was ready to move forward. Concepts probably earth-shatteringly surprising to those who know me – I’m really happy for someone who feels value-less – and that happiness is legit. My friends are amazing, my family is wonderful, I am brain-bogglingly BLESSED in every sense of the word.

I’m the luckiest worthless person in the world.

And that’s the truth laid out bare in front of me in the Guardian. I thought I had it packed away neatly. I thought I had wrapped it up in the binding tape of “Peace” and “Acceptance” and I could just leave it sit there while I continued on my merry way.

But that’s where the Seven of Swords comes into place. I’m only fooling myself. It’s harder for me to face this card than the Guardian. It’s painful to watch something rip everything apart so blatantly. That thief is caught – he’s not gotten away with it like he thought he had. This card isn’t just that there’s a deception there, it’s that the deception has been found out – you aren’t sweeping this under the rug.

I’m not getting away from this, whether I want to ignore it and walk away or not.

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