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Me and Shadowscapes have developed an interesting relationship. In trying to strengthen that bond – much as I’m chagrined to even attempt to do so – I figured I’d do my draw today with just Shadowscapes.


Hitting the Books:
Shadowscapes (left) – Four of Cups: Introspection

Shadowscapes (middle) – Five of Swords: Agression

Shadowscapes (right) – The Sun: Joy

Gut Check:
I’m seriously becoming convinced that me and this deck are mortal Frenemies.

We function well together – I love the art for this deck, and the cards are so FULL that it’s easy to extrapolate additional information. The book, gods bless it, is worthless in my eyes. I don’t follow it at all – I mean, I comprehend it, and I get there are good English words in there, but they’re so full of symbolism and flowers that pulling out the Meaning Bits and having that knowledge work in conjunction with the cards is a practice in futility.

That said, when we finally get on the same page this salty deck SINGS to me.

I really hate that. In a love/hate kind of way. But that’s why the By The Book section is going to be pretty sparse going forward with this deck. I want to lean more on the imagery and what I get from it, and less on the book that just tends to frustrate me anyway.

In the Four of Cups the young mermaid is looking at her reflection – it isn’t vanity, she’s not leaned precariously over the water to get a better look, she’s relaxed and just kind of losing herself in the novelty of being on the surface. She’s lost in her thoughts though, whatever they are (mostly focused on herself be it for improvement or lamenting), that she doesn’t realize she isn’t alone. The faeries around here aren’t overtly concerned with her – they’re probably rolling their little faerie eyes assuming she’s vain. The lesson is two fold in this card – don’t get so lost in your own head you ignore the outside world, and secondly, don’t go assuming you know why someone is lost in their own world.

In the Five of Swords there is action! Leaping into a fray – and a fray it must be, his sword is at the ready, he has TWO spares on his back, and his squires carry even more swords. These peeps are looking for a fight – and they’re so focused on the concept of the fight there’s not much effort being put into if it’s Just or not. This is a step beyond having a knee-jerk reaction because at this point you’re looking for a reason. And maybe it has to do with that introspection earlier and you’re in a foul mood, simmering under the surface because a bunch of stupid faeries were making fun of you.

Either way, I say utilize those wings on your back (in this card) and slow your descent a bit. Take a deep breath, go walk it off – if you don’t you will get the fight you’re looking for, but this card does NOT promise you’ll walk away the victor – this card doesn’t even promise you’re in the right.

The Sun is just a Good Card. That light gets into everything and helps illuminate what’s going on. It’s warm too – and comforting. (Even those salty faeries are paying proper attention to the sun!) There’s no rush in this guy’s step either – not that he’s walking – but his entire presence is calming. His mount’s relaxed, he’s relaxed, there’s birdsong surrounding them, and so much color from the rush of bright feathers filling the air. This guy and his troupe come in and warm the atmosphere, push back the shadows, and they do it without a grain of salt. They’re just as happy to be there as you are to see them.

Ménage à Maybe:
The flow of the cards for today is mostly good news. Maybe we’re starting out in our own head, and maybe because of that there’s some conflict and subsequent aggression, but don’t stress on it too much because the Sun is coming out to clear all the bits away.

Wrapped up in a single day I’m going to say my work shift’s gonna have a sore spot in it and it’ll probably be because I got lost in my own head and fell into something. As long as I don’t get uncharacteristically irritated by it all then I’ll be fine and things will get better as the day progresses.

Y’all Come Back Now:

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