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After a rough week, and working the weekend, and a long week ahead of me, I decided to force myself into motion this morning to reconnect with the cards. It’s not always the right call, because you don’t want to over exert yourself, but I felt disconnected on a few levels and this was one of the better ways to help remedy that.


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Three of Coins: Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. It’s not just about being able to expect said teamwork, but also the reminder that you need to bring YOUR best to the table as well.

Wild Wood (middle) – Knight of Bows: Determination leads you to success, but sometimes at a personal cost. Your life may change or enter a different path at any moment – rely on your natural wit and cleverness to guide your steps.

Shadowscapes (right) – Nine of Wands: The attack – or challenge – is imminent. The key here is to avoid exhausting your self while you wait for it. You’re equipped, you’re trained, you’ve done all the things you can to be ready. Now’s the hard part – Waiting For It To Happen.

Gut Check:
The three of Coins is easily my favorite card to get on a Monday. Especially with so many work-related projects going on, and one of my team members out on vacation. It’s a stressful day for everyone so it’s a solid reminder that I’m not alone on any of these projects, and that I’ll be a better help to myself being helpful for the others.

The ball’s in my court, and I’m on my game. The Knight of Bows is the Fox – Cunning and wit, and a master at the chase – not only can she track and train several little pups all at once, but she can also monitor all those bunnies on the horizon (awww, poor buns!). With all this sliding through her twitchy ears she’s still able to play and relax under the shady tree. Basically, she’s the Word Hard, Play Hard card that reminds you to keep that balance while you’re navigating the day.

The Nine of Wands… This the Security Guard card in a way. It’s the waiting game. Waiting while knowing something is bound to happen. The darkness simmers on the edge of the horizon and you Must Wait, and you Must Be Ready. It’s not an easy combination – the inexperienced will exhaust themselves waiting in tension. Those easily bored will fall prey to the lethargy of sleep. In either case the body won’t react fast enough and whatever happens will be dealt with on a delay. Situation depending, that delay can be pretty costly, so even if it is just the thought in the back of your mind while you go about your day to day, the wise guard doesn’t forget that the fire alarm could literally sound at any second.

Ménage à Maybe:
Mystical Manga assures me that the day will go well – as long as I put my foot forward and tow my part of the weight.
Wild Wood reminds me that while I myself might not be as slick as the Fox, I’ve got the right tools. Don’t burn myself out trying to lift everything – track what’s mine and (pardon my crude way of putting it) be sure you’re not skipping lunch either. (I promise MY lunch is not bun.)
Shadowscapes – in true to itself fashion – reminds me that if I let the good news of the others cards go to my head I’ll be caught with my proverbial pants down. The Uncontrollable looms on the horizon – I’ve got the tools, the training, and even better the day’s already leaning in my favor – but it’ll all go to waste if rest too much.

It’s also important to note, as I am someone who struggles with Anxiety, that the Nine of Wands is NOT Mad Eye Moody Bellowing CONSTANT VIGILANCE! This is the long haul card that reminds us we need to keep an eye on the shadows on the horizon, but we cannot exhaust ourselves doing so. The night is LONG, and there’s nothing precipitating the impending attack – we have to be ready, not  READY, or we’ll be exhausted by day break.
It’s one of those distinctions and balancing acts that’s a little difficult to explain. 6+ of doing guard-work has me understanding the distinction, even if it’s still hard to put to words.

Y’all Come Back Now:

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