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You never know how much you rely on your coworkers to keep your schedule going – even outside of work – until one of them takes two weeks and a day off during the middle of capital P Projects.


Well, let’s get back into it, shall we?


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – Six of Swords: Moving away from the bad towards the horizon. As a general rule it’s toward something better than what you’re leaving.

Wild Wood (middle) – Five of Vessels: Ectasy, joy, going with the Universal flow.

Shadowscapes (right) – Six of Swords: Moving away from the bad towards the horizon. AS a general rule – again – it’s toward something better than what you’re leaving. (There ARE some distinctions to be made between these two cards, but we’ll get into that in the next section.)

Gut Check:
There’s a LOT of movement in today’s reading. There’s not going to be much time to sit on your ass and feel sorry for yourself – whether you want to step forward or not, this is the time for it to happen.

The Six of Swords is pretty universal between decks (At leas the ones *I* have) in that you’re on a journey to leave behind the stuff that’s just not working and heading out into the great wide yonder of Possibility.

The Mystical Manga six of swords speaks of some pretty heavy hardships – she’s all alone in that small row boat. There’s no second oar. Six swords, like grave markers, do their best to protect her – in place of those who would rather be there to protect her and probably row the boat for her. If the decision to leave had been made sooner then there might be people where the swords stand. The castle was up in flames the night before, she’s been moving nonstop since and now her arms push her forward while her legs rest.

In the Shadowscapes deck it’s a different story. The youth is not alone – rather he is removed from the darkness by a strong friend. The swords are mangled and act as perches for the crows who watch as the escape is made. They’re no match for the Guardian bearing him away, so instead they merely observe. Perhaps there’ll be a chase later, but this is fleeing before the castle has been set to flames – the youth and his Guardian acknowledge the end is coming and they cannot stop it. The best course of action is to get away while they have the strength to do so and keep moving forward.

Ménage à Maybe:
Not all conflict is external.
Honestly, for most of us the hardest conflicts we will face in our lives will be internal. The struggle against ourselves, our minds, our doubts, our fears – some of it we can control, and some of it has foundations in things outside of our direct control.

Yesterday, I dealt with some of the heaviest internal struggle I’ve had in a long time. It beat the shit out of me, then rifled through my pockets for lose change before kicking me on the way out. It wasn’t pretty.

But I saw it coming.

I didn’t do the things I normally do when I see trouble on the horizon and I paid a cost for that. My own defenses took a beating and if not for the friends around me to help I never would’ve made it to the boat. Yesterday was my Mystical Manga six of swords.

Today is, in all likelihood, the Five of Vessels – a good day for Trance work if I can carve out the time for it after work. The beat of the Universe thumps inside my chest, and the rhythm of the day flows from my feet and arms. Yesterday was rough, but there’s no lingering exhaustion today. The Flow is with me and I’ll go with it ❤ because this card is the assurance that it is not a bad flow to follow, and the Shadowscapes six of swords doesn’t feel like a warning for tomorrow.

It feels like a reminder that the lessons have been learned, and that when it happens again – which it invariably will – the lessons that were learned will be put to good use. The knowledge of knowing it’s time to go will be there with more certainty before.

Sometimes you fight to the last man, sometimes you scatter before the flames of war lick at your heels. In every case what you learn from prior experiences is what guides you – for better or worse.

Y’all Come Back Now:

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