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I don’t usually do two of these in one day. But Today is an exception as the first post kind of opened up the notion that this is more likely the correct post for the day.


Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – The World: The Fool’s quest has ended. Lessons have been learned, and the preparations for a new journey are on the horizon. Now is the time to bask a little – accept the compliments, acknowledge the accomplishments. Relish a little, you’ve earned it.

The Fool: New beginnings. A New Journey. New, new, new. The Fool is new to the world, new to emotions, new to everything. His foolishness isn’t stupidity, and mistaking it for such is insulting. With a clean slate there is little to weigh The Fool down – he’s willing to do, learn, explore, poke, experiment, and adventure without fear.

The Hierophant: To thine own heart be true. The Hierophant is there to teach the Fool how to walk his talk. As long as there is a gap between what you believe in your heart and your daily actions you will not be at Peace. You’ll also struggle to present your authentic self to the world – and I believe personally that that’s important.

Gut Check:
In this setting, the World is less ambiguous to me. It doesn’t matter that I’m unsure of what I’ve accomplished, or what “chapter” has closed. The lessons were learned, the hits were taken and I got back on my feet. This done is DONE, and looking back or reading the cliff notes isn’t a good use of my time.

That time is better spent stuffing those lessons into my bag, tossing it over my shoulder and setting out on the journey. I need to keep those lessons, and the knowledge learned from them, nearby, but I can’t dwell on them. Out of sight and into the bag they go. This is a new chapter, a new adventure – there’s a bright sun on the horizon, and my belly is full.

And on the horizon is the Hierophant – the bridge between gods and human, the teacher, the trickster, the Mind the Gap voice. Though this gap is a bit more to mind than just boarding and exiting a train. This is the gap that can be the disconnect between who you are and how you act. Some people may use that to their advantage, but The Hierophant is watching, and I think he’ll give you a stink eye if you’re not True to Yourself at the very least.

It’s hard to find peace otherwise. Even if your true self isn’t what most would consider a good person, it is better to be you. Ignorance kept inward can never be rectified. Rage kept inward can never be soothed. Growth can’t happen if you can’t share those parts of yourself that need it. Wounds can’t be healed unless they are exposed to treatment.

Forcing someone to face these things can end up doing more harm than good, but The Hierophant isn’t about that so much as he’s about teaching you how to open up to be your True Self – even if you are only legitimately true TO yourself.

Ménage à Maybe:
If ever a spread connected it  is this one.
Just LOOK at it.

The sun shines brightly behind all three people in these cards – if you imagine the red plume in the Fool’s cap expanding as he learns and travels then you can see its course as it connects one side to the next in the Hierophant (bridging the gap), and encircles the World at the end of the journey.

But this isn’t a CLOSED circle.

“There are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends.” (Have some life advice from an animated movie ❤ ) – but there’s truth in it. This isn’t a sad statement – tomorrow will come. Events may mark the end of a chapter, actions may stamp the finality of a paragraph, but there isn’t a point when you can write Fin. Because if you’re writing that word then you’re able to step away and that’s the continuation.

Even if you dropped dead at that precise moment – you’re still connected to people, to the world – whether you believe in the afterlife or not. Your impact on others will carry through long after you’re gone. The ripple doesn’t stop – you’re not always the Fool in the story, maybe you’re another card in someone else’s journey.

Maybe you’re the card that’s still in the deck. You still played a part in things ending up where they needed to be.

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