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I’ve been a little off-schedule for a while, but I’m determined to put my foot back down where it belongs. You’ll notice some changes on how draws are done going forward, and I hope it works out for those of you who’ve been following along for a few months now.


Hitting the Books:
King of Coins: He is extremely practical and values ends results, bottom lines, and quality. Even with an appreciation of finer things, he’s not expecting them to be handed to him for nothing short of hard work. He can be generous, but that generosity is efficient – going where it would have the most impact. He implores you to carefully assess your resources and invest them wisely. Value good work, but don’t purchase above your means.

The Four of Swords: Be still. I’m reminded of the Last Avatar – King Boomie makes a remark along the lines that sometimes No Move is the move you need to make. That’s the four of swords – the answer is out there, maybe even in front of your face, but until you’ve got enough rest, done enough meditation, or sometimes even until the star align, there’s nothing for you to do.
Relax. Rest. Be Patient. It’ll come to you. Don’t panic.

Strength: This card is strength of will, strength of heart – of conviction. This is the quiet calm that lets you take a breath before losing your temper. This is the grounding thump of your foot as you set your stance and defend what’s important to you. This is the kind of strength that talks people down from physical conflict. It is internal – and so too may the struggles it means to help you fight against be.

Gut Check:
To me this reads as the King of Coins almost admonishing me. I’d been living above my means for a while – but not in the monetary or material sense – I’d been taking on too many things at once and stretching my personal credit thin. It’s in part why I stopped posting for almost two solid weeks. Nevermind all that’s going on in the world right now, but I was taking on too much too fast.

The answer to do the things I want to do is there, waiting quietly. It’s not bringing attention to itself because often the right answer is something we will only listen to at the right time – and the Four of Swords understands this. So she rests, patiently waiting for us to come to her.

Finally, Strength – the reminder that not only are we capable of handling what comes at us, but we’re also ready for it. If you look her hair’s pretty similar to the Four of Swords. Almost like she’s done resting – the soft dress has been replaced with armor, the swords are sheathed, but within reach – and she’s already made friends with the fierce gate guard.
There are inner and exterior demons to face – and this card is the assurance that this is that time when you need to stand your ground and not back down.

All Together Now:
I’m sitting here, chilling with the Four of Swords, taking that break in my own way. I realized a while back I was juggling just a bit too much – toss in work, life, etc. and it was coming crashing down. I couldn’t let it all drop so I set tarot down for a bit while I sorted out the other parts. I needed to get back into it, however, and the way to make it all work kind of came to me as I was shuffling the cards this morning.

I’m not sure what Strength is in there referring to, at least not right yet, but now I’m on guard and ready to face whatever comes around the bend. Until next time friends ^_^


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