A Balance of Humors.

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Before I hit the books to even begin to get an idea of the layers of meanings in these cards I’m struck with a profound sense of calm. The cards have me feeling grounded, safe, and in a good place.


Hitting the Books:
King of Stones – Wolf: Look to the wisdom of others and to traditional values to color your life choices. Security brings pleasure; loyalty crowns every endeavor.

Page of Stones – Lynx: Fiercely protective, the wild streak in this card can lead to a little imbalance if you let the impulsive nature of youth misguide you. Lack of foresight can hamper your forward motion, but the quick feet and sure gait of the Lynx means correction isn’t difficult if you’re paying attention.

Balance: Inner strength and tranquility from which a deeper knowledge of self – and Universe – can be absorbed. The time is right to take a breath and look inward as well as outward – contemplating all facets of your existence.

Gut Check:
I can almost see myself in the midst of these cards. Intertwining dragons above, and the Wolf and Lynx on either side. Trust in the hand on the Wolf, Patience in the hand on the Lynx – knowledge that I can safely turn my gaze within at any time I need without fear. The Earth at my feet and dragons above me, this is what it is to be safe, protected, and balanced.

This is not a place I stand in solitude – even those most hermetic among us is not completely alone. No matter how it may feel from time to time. Even for an agoraphobic such as myself, this is a comforting thought.

All Together Now:
The lone wolf.
The single note of the howl that slips along the miles to be heard.
The cool night air pushing the solitary call along the snowy rocks.

But the Wolf is *far* from alone. Raised within the pack, wise enough to walk on its own, the call is to either bring them to it or it to them. There is wisdom in splitting up to search for food, and more wisdom in bringing it down as a unit.

Impetuous and perhaps unruly, the Lynx is opposite that ideal, hunting alone – but it is not just her stomach that needs be filled – there is a collection of small furry children to consider as well. This consideration can either temper her steps or drive her to desperate decisions.

With Balance at the center of this, there is little need to be concerned. Things may not go as planned, but there is no need to rush. Lean against your Tree, meditate/pray/trance as you see fit. Most importantly, and somewhat reflective of yesterday, take the time to Stop. Set your pack down, take a deep breath, and just relax.

It’s going to be all good.


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