It’s Go Time.

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The Hitting the Books section is always going to be fairly informal when it comes to this deck. The information provided in the book for Shadowscapes was written by a faerie so there’s not a lot of to-the-point information in it. Fortunately, Shadowscapes has little issue communicating with me so the end result is still reached.


Hitting the Books:
Judgement: The cycle of life and death, the cold harsh reality of making a choice. Judgement is not a mother-type of card, she does not offer comfort as the difficult choices are made. She doesn’t offer much in the way of options either – you’re going to have to face that difficult choice, or face the consequences of turning away from it.

Eight of Cups: Harsh light and harsh edges can detract from our ability to make a sound decision. The eight of cups is (temporary) retreat into the soothing depths as we consider our options, and our self. The soft warmth of the sun keeps us company on this journey, both as a source of warmth and comfort and as light in the dark to guide us.

The Tower: From tiny seed, to mighty tree – the centuries journey of growth and progress is laid low with a single abrupt flash of light and heat. By need or Universal desire, you are meant to change, and it is happening whether you accept it or not.

Gut Check:
Some things never change, and it’s good to know that even after a break and some spotty posting here and there, that the Shadowscapes deck is still the best Frenemy I could hope to have.

While I may say this with a long suffering look on my face and a sigh, I’m still grateful for it. In my gut I don’t believe that The Tower in this reading is a portent of terrible awfulness – it’s a warning that if I don’t Do The Thing, Terrible Awfulness is going to be how the necessary changes will come about.

Judgement sits in the position that is generally considered the “past” card (a typical 3 card spread is Past, Present, Future – though not all my 3-card spreads read this way, today’s seems to do so) – and as such is leading me to think that an idea/decision I had yesterday is sound. It’s not fun, it’s not sunshine and roses, but it’s the path I want to take.

The Eight of Cups is the small respite of considering HOW to go about this decided upon change. That the card is turning away from bright light and the harsh edges of reality leaves me with a feeling that I need to make this change with a soft hand.

All Together Now:
Changes need to be made, the introspection of the last couple days has made me realize that said change isn’t for me, but for someone important to me. The change needs to be with a firm hand, but kind words – this is not the time to be a drill sergeant, but it is also not the time to back down.

Especially because the fallout from not making the change is the change happening in a drastic and un-fun sort of way. If the Tower’s gonna fall no matter what I’d rather it be due to a controlled demolition vs a bolt of lightning.


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