First Meeting

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Today is my first day drawing from the Druid Craft Tarot Deck. A good friend of mine has this deck, and she’s used it in readings for me (and others) in the past. More because of my respect for my friend than my own personal preference, I purchased this deck.

The artwork is beautiful, and the cards are MASSIVE. Easily an inch longer than more tarot decks and maybe 2 extra inches wider. Y’all – I’ve got tiny hands. I’m barely cresting 5’00” and my hands are more square than oval on top of it. So I struggle to shuffle these.

One small adjustment though, and all was worked out – I shuffle them holding them upright vs long-ways. See? Beautiful in its simplicity – and worth it, I think.

The only drawing I’m doing for today is a sort of Getting to Know You type deal I’ve done with pretty much every deck I’ve ever gotten. I recommend it for a couple of reasons:
1. It’s good to know where you’re starting with a thing.
2. If there’s something to be mended, you’ll know about it from the start.

And mending things with your deck could be as simple as keeping it in a box vs letting it sit out. Maybe leaving it near some crystals. It might sound batty, but think of your deck like a plant – each plant has different conditions that are the best for that plant. Some like sun, some indirect light, others want almost all shade, etc.

Dear cards, how’re we going to get on? – Just like with a question I’d have, I keep this in mind while I shuffle and stop when it feels right. All very scientific ❤ (I jest, but seriously, it works, so who am I to complain?)


The first card I turn over is the Eight of Swords. Oh dear. That’s not a good sign. She’s blind folded, bound, and surrounded by sharp swords. (As an aside that dress looks like it’s really comfy, but I digress). To top it all off, she’s on a slope – Frustration and Restrictions abound – and that fits the beginning of my relationship with this deck. “How in the !^%& do I shuffle this?”

A lot of this negativity though is simply a matter of perception. The field is green and lush, there are plenty of gaps between the swords – her perception (or obvious lack thereof given the blindfold) leaves her feeling helplessly trapped – maybe even afraid. If she can get over that she can free herself of this odd confinement. I even think she’s already working on it in the card – that tattered bit of rope hanging down between her hands is the beginning of trying to free herself.

So, frustration, fear and anxiety to start – all true, not just in terms of shuffling the deck, but this is a deck I associate with my revered friend. Somewhere in the back of my mind screwing things up with this deck would reflect poorly on friend – there’s likely no weight to that thought At All, but anxiety makes us worry needlessly sometimes. There’s also a fear of getting it wrong, but – and let me be clear – you can’t really BE wrong with divination. Every interpretation is going to have a personal bend to it, everyone is going to read the spread a little differently – if you can be wrong in anything it’s forgetting the base-concepts of a card. With practice and a little study though, once that foundation sets for you it won’t go away.

Moving on – the second card I pulled was a sort of “Well, okay, that’s a bit of a rocky start – albeit with potential to grow – so then what do we see for the future of our relationship?”

Thus, the Six of Pentacles. There is peace, wisdom and generosity in this card. The wise man under the tree is handing out money to the out stretched hands in need. Between the snow and the wide open sky in the background you get the impression these people aren’t being assisted easily – they climbed the mountain to get up here. The effort has been put forth, the potential is seen by the benefactor (the old guy under the tree) and then help is provided.

This isn’t something for nothing, this is balanced give and get. He’s giving to you, and you better get moving.

In terms of the budding relationship between myself and the deck, this card reads to me that it will be generous as long as I keep putting in the effort. Which makes sense, and is a set of parameters I’m more than willing to operate within. So to the cards, we might be a little awkward to start, but you get what you put in, so as long as the effort continues so too will the growth.

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