Tiny but Shiny

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I haven’t drawn from my tiny RWS Radiant Deck in a LONG time, but here we go.


Hitting the Books:
Page of Swords: The page of swords – like the other pages – is full of energy. It’s there to spare, but it’s not overly focused energy. Talkative and curious – ideas are tossed around without much energy focused on the follow through. He’s a sharp kid though, with luck he’ll figure it out.

Nine of Pentacles: Peace and tranquility – this card is about treating yourself as well as you treat those you love. It’s about knowing when to stop and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Seven of Swords: If you think you’re getting away with it – you’re only fooling yourself. Be mindful of the lies you tell yourself, because they’re plain as day to others.

Gut Check:
I’ve a bit of a love/hate relationship with swords. They’re simple, effective, and (something literally) cut right to the heart of the matter. There’s no beating about the bush and wasting time needlessly.

That said, there’s still ample capacity to cut yourself when dealing with the swords and it can be difficult to really take that long deep look that’s needed to see what’s up.

My first knee-jerk reaction to these cards is that instead of chasing random ideas around like a caffeinated squirrel, I need to settle down and focus on one (i.e. the pictured bird), and the idea that I can juggle multiple projects at once is a bit of a farce.

All Together Now:
None of the cards in today’s draw are quote/unquote Big Cards. The page is getting close to being one, and to be honest I am Notorious for dashing about and slicing into ideas and concepts and am at least a lot-of-bits not good at follow through. Staying focused is something I need to work on. It’s not lose-your-job levels of terrible, but it can be frustrating.

Taking proper breaks certainly helps – even if you’re one of those SUPER FOCUSED types, you still need to make sure and take regular breaks. It’s not just your mind that needs the breather, but your body too. (can we talk about the snail at the feet of this card? it’s really driving home the point of Slow Down.)

I might have to try and get back to you on the seven of swords – if anything he’s walking off with my train of thought because it keeps getting derailed this morning ^^;


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