Happy Monday

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Spending the weekend sick means spending my Monday morning pulling myself out of the muck and mire and trying to focus on the cards. I’m a little clunky and off-tempo today, so bear with me ❤


Hitting the Books:
Six of Cups: Gifts received or given with no strings attached. There is nothing more behind these small acts of kindness than the act itself. Don’t worry about underlying emotions, and feel free to take these actions at face-value. The only “hidden agenda” of you or the person in the act of giving is to spread a mote of kindness and/or joy.

Justice: There are often two kinds of Justice in the world. The secular kind – and those who try to carry out her will – which, can be capricious due to the nature of the people involved, and the Universal kind. In tarot when the Justice card appears it almost always means the Universal kind. The scales balance to a much larger picture than what we can comprehend. Know that Justice has been done – whether it is obvious to you or not.

King of Swords: Intelligent and sure, the King of Swords does not open his mouth to speak until he knows that what he has to say is precisely correct. This can lead to some frustratingly long moments of silence, but the end result is logical and the best for the situation. There’s little to no room for emotion here – Much like Justice, the King is looking at a far larger picture more often than not.

Gut Check:
With the Six of cups at the lead, I’m inclined to take Justice as something of a gift. The positive notation of the cups leading into that card leaves me feeling like the gift I’m getting is Justice. Her scales are balanced, and while this is generally good for everyone, the gift I get out of it is knowing.

The King of Swords at the end of it is a reminder – or warning – to not screw it all up. Don’t jump hastily into a situation just because you’re sure you’ve got Justice on your side, but instead take a moment to compose the words properly. Don’t get overly emotional, because while emotions are good, some situations work out better if you can take that deep calming breath and look at things logically.

Being a pretty overtly emotional person myself, I can appreciate this advice when it’s given.

All Together Now:
Justice and the King of Swords can be daunting cards to get. There’s not really any wiggle room with these two. It’s all Cold Hard Facts and unbending Logic. Comforting in certain situations, but the lack of emotion can come across as cruel and uncaring – far from the case even if the worst of conditions, as both cards are pushing for what’s best for Everyone. Sometimes, what’s best for the collective can be pretty shit for a singular person – most of the time this isn’t the case.

In today’s drawing it isn’t the case. There’s Kindness and Gifts and Emotions in the foundational card of this pull. The Six of cups doesn’t carry the weight and impact of Justice and the King, but it’s there. It’s not tipping scales or changing the King’s mind, but it’s weaving small motes of kindness and generosity.

So, it’s going to be a Monday. Because it needs to be A Monday. But it’s not going to be a Bad Monday. Face it, look for the little gifts of joy here and there, and come out the other side – you got this.


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