Eviction Incoming

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It hardly matters the context, the Tower in all its forms is a hard card to process.

Hitting the Books:
Queen of Stones: Richness and plenty surround you. Your bounty and welcoming nature make you popular with all. Many depend on you. Pragmatism and generosity open doors.

The Sun of Life: A powerful symbol of light and fertility, this card heralds a season blessed with joyous enlightenment, robust health and emotional harmony. Banishing the shadows it warms you to your bones and energizes your soul.

The Blasted Oak: What appears to be a random dissolution or destruction of your beliefs and relationships is timely and natural. The jolt might leave you traumatized, but the impact will knock you free of the false chains holding you in place.

Gut Check:
I feel like I can see the clock shift closer to Midnight since first seeing The Tower in the Shadowscapes drawing last week. Things have changed a little at least, since then, and the cards reflect that.

Wild Wood reminds me that I am sturdy and strong – in body and spirit – and that is real enough that other people can rely on me with little fear. It goes further to point out that things are continually improving. It’s good now, I’m good now (It’s hard for me to see this sometimes, thank you brain weasels, but it’s no less true), and the horizon promises that things will get even better.

But with all that support, assurance, and figurative padding, there’s still going to be a fall. Maybe I can avoid a severe impact, but the important part to remember is that no matter what that impact is the change WILL be good. It won’t be easy, and it won’t Feel good while it’s happening, but the end result will create better circumstances all around.

All Together Now:
Don’t forget you are good people, and you do good things and you help people as best you are able. Don’t forget the sun’s on the skyline and the warmth will fill your soul. Hold onto these truths, because you’re about to face plant into some turbulence.

Unlike how it’s unsettling in an airplane, Turbulence isn’t all bad. In life it can kick you out of whatever rut you’ve fallen into and free you up for better things. Getting kicked out of that rut however, isn’t going to be pleasant. The end result could manifest in a better job, a renewed relationship, an adjustment that brings in more good vibes, etc.

No matter how you slice it, it’s hard to look forward to it. I like my rut, the walls are warm and the solitude is comforting. But, we do not learn, grow, and improve when we stay in ruts – so in a way cards like The Tower/The Blasted Oak are good.


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