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The Hitting the Books section is going to function a little differently with this deck. The book that came with it is essentially a series of bullet-points. This isn’t a bad thing, it just changes the usual tone of that section is all.

Hitting the Books:
Prince of Cups: Someone following their heart must try to avoid pitfalls of illusion or glamour – A conflict between the heart and the need to take action – offering your help to others.

King of Pentacles: You may experience an improvement in your fiances or material circumstances – the steady progress and success of a business, project or career

Nine of Swords: Mental anguish or suffering – the torment faced at the end of a relationship or following a loss (this period will come to a natural conclusion and things will improve) – a sharp mind that wounds unintentionally.

Gut Check:
It might be my imagination but the last handful of draws seem to be Positive, Positive, Negative. I mean in today’s case it’s not The Tower levels of negative, and there’s an inherent understanding that things will improve once the crap is processed, but still.

And the Prince of Cups is, to me, a dubious positive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad card, but look at the guy – he’s got no pants or shoes and he’s out and about having an adventure. He’s already lost one of his bracers, and I think he and his horse have the same hair dresser.

But he’s got a good heart in him – he’s on this adventure to help others. Maybe it’s to save his love, or rescue a village, or search for the pinnacle of all cups. Whatever the case his intentions are good. He’s just GOT to learn to pay better attention – his one sleeve’s all ratty, and his cloak’s covered in mud and tattered. Point to him – he hasn’t up and quit despite all the pitfalls. He might be a little hesitant, and a lot weary – him and the horse both look like they’re ready to sleep for days, but on they go.

The concerns of the Prince are lessened with the follow up of the King of Pentacles. This is a guy who has his house in Order. Beast on the fire, song bird in the window – he’s not wearing any shoes either, but he’s comfortable in his home. And the people who follow him are comfortable too. His hearth is stable and things are looking up – nothing is out of place and even the man’s beard is on point.

Despite that stability, there are still things outside of our immediate control. You can’t know someone needs to leave until they’ve shown their true merit. You can’t stop the march of time from separating you from loved ones. Sometimes no matter how mindful you are words you never meant to say can’t be unsaid. No matter the cause of your anguish you’re not going to get over it until it runs it’s course. Crying in bed for hours or days on end may feel like a waste, but sometimes that’s what you have to do before you can move on.

All Together Now:
Big decisions on the creative front were made last night and three projects magically turned into one. With that timing I think the Prince of Cups is a warning to not barrel down the path heedlessly – I don’t need to lose my pants at the beginning of this project. There’s assurance that things will go well – The King of Pentacles is level headed and stable, and the Prince isn’t a negative either.

The concern sits in the Nine of Swords, but I don’t feel like this is card is really tied into the others. It feels like it’s own separate concern. The only positive is that the end of this card’s cycle is that things will be okay afterward. Hardly much consolation while you’re dealing with the weight of loss in whatever form it may take, but a consolation nonetheless.


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