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Bit of a theme lately…


Hitting the Books:
Knight of Wands: Kind, compassionate, engaging, ebullient. Constantly on the go and always seems to have time for everyone. The best time for someone to attack us is when we don’t love ourselves, but the Knight of wands LOVES himself – he’s well-protected covered almost completely in armor. Even his horse is extra!

The Chariot: Focused, passionate and ready for the challenge on the horizon. It is not with reins that the chariot moves onward, it is sheer force of will – and what WILL it is to command to steeds such as sphinxes! It’s new beginnings and new Challenges. That’s a key part of The Chariot – the challenge and overcoming it often through sheer force of will.

Nine of Swords: Anxiety. The nine of swords is anxiety. Whatever triggers it – loss (job, family, etc.), stress, any number of legit medical anxiety triggers – this card is about that. It’s the exhaustion of sleepless nights, the weary mornings after having barely closed your eyes because your thoughts just Won’t. Stop.

Gut Check:
This is day four, in the last 6 I believe, where I’ve gotten this pattern of Positive, Positive, Negative from the cards. Either ending in The Tower or the Nine of Swords. And categorizing the cards that way is a bit misleading on my part – even The Tower isn’t necessarily a Negative. It’s a warning to brace for impact because the change that’s coming up will likely make your head spin.

And no one wants to be blindsided by that sort of thing.

So my first thoughts with today’s drawings are that I need to leap into my creative endeavors, and my work endeavors with focus and energy. It’s go time, and not in the Oh Crap Everything is Bad We Gotta Go! – it’s more in the “Hey, you’ve got energy and focus in spades right now – do not let it go to waste.”

Then there’s that Nine of Swords. To be perfectly honest I’m impressed it doesn’t pop up in literally every draw I do. I have Anxiety – Capital A doctor prescribed and monitored Anxiety. I don’t need the cards to tell me it’s around the corner, I already expect it to be around every corner.

With that in mind, I’m inclined to take this card as less of a warning about impending Anxiety and more a warning to prepare for it. Take the steps to lessen the impact, do a little extra self-care, take one of those As Needed pills – do what you have to do to keep from being knocked off your horse or outta your chariot.

All Together Now:
Stay focused – you have got this. Whatever this is, it’s okay – you’ll know it. Go after it with all the energy and force of will you can muster. Be fierce, be creative, be awesome \o/

Be kind to yourself though, as much as you are to others, and keep care that you don’t focus so hard you start to get frazzled and anxious. ❤


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