Long Time Coming

I had a very hard time the last few weekends connecting with my runes. I’m not entirely sure what it is – might just be my weekends are off-balance for me. Work’s been wonky and it spills into the weekend, I’ve felt a little disconnected, overwhelmed, and distracted by other things.

Whatever the reason I’m glad I was able to push through it and finally connect. I’ve spent time prior to now trying to do a rune draw, but I could never seem to hit the groove to actually Draw A Rune from the bag. The click never hit.

The Spread:


Word for Word :
Othala: A reference to ones family – physical or spiritual. It is a place that is safe, and protected – like the feeling of being home. It is the place of being, of working.

Ansuz: The most powerful mind-rune of all. Often indicates mental or creative energy in general, and verbal in particular. Wisdom, the need for it – also spiritual power as differentiated from physical. May reference the actions of Odin in the querent’s life.

Perthro: Luck – Fate, good or bad. Needing to deal with a certain level of uncertainty. An indication of something not yet meant to be known, or something you’re not ready to know. A sign to take risks, or relax and play.

I Sentence You:
Considering I spent time at my alter working on reconnecting with my gods and ancestors before doing this draw, the starting of it with Othala slams into my chest.
Home is the word that echoes in my heart – as though I’ve found it. No great surprise, ADF has aided me in finding my people and I know I’ve found Home for a while now. Perhaps this reassurance is that, much like my blood-relations and chosen family extensions, this Home also understands there may be long stretches of time in-between when I come to visit.

Ansuz… Odin. Odin, Odin, Odin – maybe I’m seeing what I want to see. I’m not sure, but I feel like I see Odin’s run pop up a lot in my draws. I feel like I can see him side-eyeing me every time it’s possible a rune’s referring to him.
It’s unsettling as all get out – I’m not a devout practitioner of anything, and while I admire those who are and who do good, and I do myself, want to do good for people, I feel like ODIN having his eye on me is pressure to do more. I am not ready for… more.

Perthro; Is it odd for someone who follows the Norse Pantheon to state she doesn’t believe in Fate? Maybe it’s stubbornness on my part, or denial, but while I can find an odd comfort in the idea of Fate, I cannot abide that my choices are chosen for me. Perthro sighs at me, I can hear it, like that smug bastard is sitting in the wings just waiting for the correct time.

In the end my heart tells me I need to spend more time at my alter.
I need to spend more time in Trance. My Grove is becoming more and more solid. I’m able to watch myself in the solitude I’ve created. I’m able to see through my eyes when I want. My tree has a shape, has life, has a palpable will to protect me.

The giving of my time will get me what I want – even if it’s possible that right at this moment I don’t really know what it IS that I want.


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