Man have I been QUIET on here. Dead quiet.

It’s been a rough couple months – and a lot of it had to do with not being on medication for things I really should’ve been on medication for. A lot of things slipped through my fingers during that time, but here I am, slowly picking up the pieces.

I won’t hit the gory details, but before I dive into today’s draw (And new deck) I want to point out that if you can afford it – go to your doctor. OMFG. It’s worth being stuck on rice and butter as dinner for a couple nights if that’s what it takes.

Moving on:

Today’s deck was purchased from Etsy – Found here – no book comes with the deck and it is delightfully simple in design. You can take a page from the creator and just lose yourself in the pastels, or you can pair it with Kitchen Table Tarot – whatever floats your boat.


The draw was prefaced with just a simple “What will our relationship be like?” Meaning twixt myself and the deck.

The beginning of it – with the Queen of Cups – is a strong start. The Moon makes me a tad nervous, and honestly does no matter what it pops up. The Eight of Cups isn’t the best cups card to get, but let’s take a closer look at all three before going on.

Queen of Cups – Often psychic; she is empathetic and kind. Oft depicted surrounded by water with barely a toe dipped in it. Her cup is often covered, while she isn’t apt to descend into the emotions of others carelessly, she is also not like to share her own emotions easily.

The Moon – The Moon is intuition, but not the warm fuzzy kind of intuition. It’s the feeling that causes the hairs to stand up on the back of your neck. Or bids you stick to the light and not walk into the shadowy alley. Out of control it can be paranoia, but it’s more like to be the intuition that keeps you out of harm’s way.

Eight of Cups – The “hangover” card. Moderation is key, and this card often shows up after moderation has been long since passed. (i.e. most vices are only vices because we don’t partake of them in moderation, not because the acts are themselves inherently bad.)

Considering that my inquiry to the deck prior to pulling these cards was a question of how our relationship will be I admit that I feel a bit like I’m being chastised.

Which isn’t to say I don’t deserve it.

So the Queen of Cups is how things can be between this card and myself, and that’s a good thing to know. I feel that The Moon and the Eight of Cups are – together – a warning to not let the past repeat itself.

This IS the morning after. This is the hangover after a long hard couple of months of trying to pull everything back together. This is the lesson from focusing too much on distractions and not taking care of the important things that needed to be taken care of. It was a dark, dubious path, and I’m honestly lucky to have made it out on the other side of things with myself in tact.

While the Queen (deck) is here for me, and will have a kind word for me, it also doesn’t want to see me wander down that path again.

So as we journey forward it’s time to mind our p’s and q’s.


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