Marvelous Monday

It’s Monday, and man is today a big day for me all around. Without anything overtly specific on my mind I asked the cards how this day would go. (Full Disclosure there should Totally Be something on my mind, I’ve got a big interview today, but I’m honestly pretty zen about it so far this morning.)


Mystical Manga is definitely my favorite deck to start the week with. I feel most in touch with this deck, and as such it makes for a solid warm up (Especially after that long-ass hiatus).

Hitting the Books:
Knight of Coins: Devoted, loyal, and steadfast, the Knight of Coins understands the importance of timing. Patience is a virtue and he’s the guy who’ll take a deep breath and think things through until it seems he’s manifested something from nothing. While he’s not jumping in with both feet, he is in it for the long haul and can be trusted.

Page of Cups: This guy IS jumping in with both feet. He feels love as LOVE and like a teenager losing themselves in it for the first time he’s not holding anything back. Pain can follow, but so too can important bonds be forged and experiences enjoyed.

Ten of Cups: The Ace of Coins manifests in the best way in this card. It’s stability, abundance, love. These aren’t just in material things, but in family cohesiveness, in spiritual connection – in the substances that fill family hearts and go beyond the stage dressing of brick and mortar.

Gut Check:
The short version is – Today is going to go well.

The longer version is – I am so overextending myself today, you folks have no idea. My interview? It’s basically me stretching for the stars and kind of breaking company protocol. From an office stand point I’m reaching out and grasping for something that should be completely out of reach for me right now.

I can’t say it’s a desperate move, per se, but my statistical chances at seeing this come to fruition are pretty low. Competition’s fierce for the position too, so I’m not standing out on the precipice alone by any means. I’ve been a bit nervous about this impending interview, but I’m going to give it my best – and the cards seem to point out that my best is going to be solid.

All Together Now:
The Knight of Coins and the Page of Cups work well together in that they balance each other out a bit. The Knight brings patience, the Page brings passion, and they may as well be surrounded by the Ten Coins of the final card.

Today the goal is to temper my own passions, to temper the excitement of this opportunity, with the patience needed to come across properly. I have a lot to give, and it’s not just stage-dressing either. Impostor Syndrome tries to tell me that it IS all stage-dressing, that I’ve no right to be there – and the brain weasels try their best to squeak in agreement. But even if I didn’t know they were wrong in my heart of hearts, I know from feedback from my boss, from my friends, from my coworkers, that it’s wrong.

Whatever the outcome, I will have put my best foot forward, and shame cannot follow me when I do that.


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