Friday Eve’s Embrace

It’s Friday Eve \o/

I snagged a new book for my Kindle – a collection of tarot spreads. I want to dive into a bit more in-depth before I go pointing out who it’s from, but until then I will say there’s a couple variant meanings for 3-card spreads included in the book.

Today I shuffled with the following in mind:
1. What you have 2. What you need to know 3. What you get


Even at first glance, I have to say I’m not sure it could’ve been more positive, but let’s dive in shall we?

Hitting the Books:
The Sun: A creative, joyful phase. Projects that have been bubbling in the background may now come to fruition, and you will have the clarity and focus to make a success of them. Liberation from every day worries, freedom to be yourself.

The Star: Confidence and Tranquility – you may develop a calm, clear confidence in the future. Inner feelings of positive self-esteem, well-being and vitality. Inspiration.

Princess of Pentacles: Studious, Self-reliant, Good-natured. Potential for a new creative phase – try meditating on the seeds of your creative projects that lie in the past and on your vision of them for the future. Happy news about friends/family. Good news about money, investments, property or work.

Gut Check:
Having The Sun card in the position of What You Have is uplifting, and honestly not surprising. Sure, I’ve got my hardships, I’ve got things I worry about and uncertainties on the horizon, but all in all life is good. I work, I play, I balance both fairly well, and I’ve got some job prospects on the horizon to make the financial concerns of an impending wedding seem smaller.

The Star card is a positive as well – while not as bright as the Sun, it’s still a strong card for creativity, and inner balance. She’s surrounded by water – often symbolizing emotion – with one foot in it, and one foot grounded. She’s not only calmly there, and well balanced, but also adding to it. There’s no chaos, no mystery, just serenity, peace and just enough control to keep things even.

The Princess of Pentacles is studying the pentacle in her hand – the bounty she possesses. She’s thinking things over carefully and likely trying to figure out the best uses for the bounty she possesses. It’s energy for herself and her endeavors, sure – food on the table, shelter, clothes, etc. But there’s also room to help her friends, family, and maybe even her neighbors. The trick lies in not overextending her personal energy or her personal capacity. (None of us are any use to others if we’re exhausted, frayed, hungry and cold ourselves.)

All Together Now:
What I have is a solid foundation and a wealth of creativity and energy – things are good and now is a great time to really focus and accomplish as much as I want to.
What I need to know is that the brain weasels are quieted and shoved over into a corner with muzzles. There’s calm and confidence on the horizon and little to worry about or be distracted by.
What I get is continued balance  . While I’m not going to be winning the lottery any time soon, I’ll still have enough. Enough to eat, enough to relax, enough to help, and enough to continue creating.

I wasn’t feeling overly worried about things prior to doing this reading, but now I’m certainly more relaxed than I was ^_^


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